25+ Ping Pong Tables Reviewed: Which One Is Best One for YOU?

    Last updated: August 31st 2018 by Tom Erickson, Regional Champion

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    • Competition-ready indoor table tennis table perfect for your home or office
    • 10-minute QuickPlay design comes 95% preassembled out of the box for quick and easy setup
    • Effortlessly roll and transport table halves using 3” lockable casters for convenient storage and setup
    • check
      Excellent playability with 5/8”-thick table top with multiple roller coat finish and silk-screen striping
    • check
      Easily attach and remove net with tournament grade 72” clamp-style net and post set

    If you are reading this, then you already know that ping pong is a great way for you to get closer to your family, bond with coworkers, and even shed a few pounds.

    But perhaps you aren’t quite sure what YOUR perfect table is?

    Don’t worry, whether you are looking for a new table tennis table for yourself, your children, or your startup’s office, we’ve got you covered.

    It doesn’t matter whether your budget is $200 or $2000, or whether you need an Indoor or Outdoor table – in this article I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know before you buy.

    Ready to find the perfect ping pong table?

    Let’s go!

    Top Indoor Choice

    STIGA Advantage


    Top Outdoor Choice

    JOOLA Nova

    13+ Best Indoor Ping Pong Tables Ranked For You

    9+ Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables TESTED for You

    Choosing the Perfect Table

    To begin our analysis, we will look at the different kinds of tables that are out there. First we will explain what to look for in indoor and outdoor tables. After that, we will look at four other aspects of tables that you will likely want to consider.

    • Indoor vs Outdoor Tables
    •  Playing Space
    • Collapsibility
    • Experience
    • Affordability
    • Table Specifications

    Along with the standard dimensions, a regulation table is required to be made of one continuous piece of material, usually wood or some sort of derivative. If you are planning on playing tournament level games, this will be a consideration, but more likely than not, you are just looking for a table for the rec room, meaning that you can go with a table that folds up for storage if needed.

    Another specification of a tournament-level table is that a ball bounces over nine inches when dropped from a foot over the table. For many tables, one easy measure of quality can be how close it comes to matching this standard. When factoring in budget and the level of play expected on it, balancing performance with price and expectations can be of utmost importance.

    Like mentioned in the above section, most likely you will be looking into buying an indoor table. There are still a wide variety of options available to you and in our opinion, these are the better indoor tables on the market.

    Top Indoor Options

    One of the best and most affordable table tennis tables for indoor play is the Stiga Advantage. Designed for those who want to recreate tournament play at home, it sets up easily and is also easy to store. It comes almost completely assembled, which makes it easier for you to play ping pong at home.


    Despite being a competition table, this one has rolling casters on the bottom that let you roll the table to the location where you want to play. Those casters also lock in place to keep the table from wobbling as players take shots. To add to its competition design, Stiga added a post set that features clamps that keep the net from moving.


    Stiga also added a thick top to this table with a screen printed surface that will stand up to the hardest of shots without chipping or scratching. If you want a table tennis table that is suitable for both adults and kids and is easy to use, the Advantage is the best table for you.

    The JOOLA Inside Table is a great ping pong table for the beginning player or someone that needs a table that they can get out of the way easily. Priced below four hundred dollars, this ping pong table is ideal for the family or office that wants a table that they can get out of the way when not in use.


    The Joola Inside Table offers a professional-grade playing surface with its 5/8ths inch wood composite table surface supported by 1.5 inch steel legs that enable this table to be folded up to a compact size quickly when you need to store it.


    It also can if needed be turned into two free standing tables if needed for entertaining. This also makes the table easier to move as it can become two lighter sections as opposed to one heavy and potentially cumbersome table.


    At this low of a price, even for a table meant to be a recreational table to go in your garage or basement, unfortunately many customers reported issues with its ability to hold up over time. But if looking for a great choice for those looking for a ping pong table that offers both flexibility and economy.

    A sturdy and economical offering, the JOOLA Tour 1800 Indoor Table Tennis Table is a ping pong table which offers a tournament quality table which can be stored with ease when needed.


    Its price places it clearly in the mid-range among portable tables, but it offers a few features that make it worth that price.


    Like many mid-range tables, the Tour 1800 focuses on adjustability and quick set up and conversion. This ping pong table does this with independent adjustment on all four legs which allows you to compensate for an uneven floor.


    As well, the Tour 1800 has a double anti-tiliting feature, which prevents it from being lifted up by weight being placed on one end.


    The 19 mm table medium density fiberboard top on this table ensures quality play, although it is prone to warping, especially in exposure to humidity or heat. Even with this concern, the Tour 1800 is a high-quality, but affordable foldable ping pong table.

    JOOLA knows that those shopping for table tennis tables for home use don’t want to spend extra on all the accessories they need, which is why it offers the Rally TL table, which comes with almost everything you need.


    As a professional model, this table features the same design as tournament tables do. That design measures nine-foot long by five-foot across and has lines painted on the top to help you line up your shots.


    Ready for use almost right out of the box, the Rally TL comes almost completely assembled. You just need to do a few simple things, including add the net and find a location, and you’re ready to play. This model comes with a net set that easily attaches to the top of the table.


    You also get ball holders that attach to the corners of the table. Those holders let you keep extra balls on hand for intense games. JOOLA also gives you abacus scorers that sit on each end of the table to keep track during games.

    You might think that you don’t have enough space for a table tennis table because your home or apartment is too small, but the compact design of this one ensures that it fits into any space.


    At just 36-inches by 36-inches when folded, it will fit into most of the closets in your home. The table unfolds quickly and creates a perfectly flat and stable table that is suitable for most players.


    When unfolded, the metal legs create the stability that you need to keep the table upright as the balls go flying. It features white markings that help you see when you score and when a ball is out.


    In addition to the table, JOOLA also gives you a net that affixes to the center of the playing surface in seconds. You can remove the net or leave it in place when storing this model too. The manufacturer sends this table to you fully assembled and ready to use as soon as you remove the packaging.

    A new upstart on the ping pong scene, Killerspin has quickly made itself a name through player endorsements and their aggressive work to grow the sport in the United States.


    The Revolution series is their tournament level table and combines exceptional performance, attention to detail and modern aesthetics for a great table at a reasonable price.


    While the first thing you notice when looking at the Revolution is that with its steel arches supporting the playing surface, this table blend stability with a look that will draw people to your table. Along with this sturdiness, Killerspin’s 16-layer roller coated surface provides a great surface with limited glare and resists marking.


    Compared to most tables in its class, the Revolution packs many of the same features, but at a lower price. More impressively, this ping pong table provides world class play at rec room prices. If there is a drawback to this table, it would probably be that it is not easy to move once it is set up. Read our in depth Killerspin Revolution review here.

    For around one hundred dollars more than their Inside Table Tennis Table, the JOOLA Tour 1500 Table Tennis Table offers a tournament grade surface at only a slight bit more than your basic, entry-level tables. This makes it a great table for the serious player needing a table for personal practice.


    At this price, you expect a table that can be folded up for storage when not in use, which the Tour 1500 does well. Its dual trolley system allows you to collapse each side of the table individually and move them out of the way as needed.


    As well, the casters allow each end of the table to be aligned as well as adjusted if playing on a floor that is uneven. The ease of movement enables you to move this table out of the way or convert the table into two separate tables if needed.


    While this table is convenient to move if part of a multi-use room and ideal for practice, the low price does lead to problems with durability, as well as some noted issues with construction as some buyers reported bent supports or other parts coming out of the box. Even then, the Tour 1500 gives you a ping pong table that is convenient and wallet-friendly.


    The STIGA Synergy Table Tennis Table, much like the rest of its Syngergy line, brings STIGA’s reputation of making quality, professional caliber ping pong equipment to the amateur player.


    The Synergy, while a little more expensive than most other tables considered to be entry-level tables, does provide a table great for the beginner than even a more experienced player can appreciate.


    The Synergy, unlike most tables of its class has the markings on the table top silk screened instead of painted on, providing a completely flat and smooth table surface that is usually only found on more expensive tables. Coupling this with its 2 inch thick steel apron, the Synergy provides the true and consistent play that is expected of much more expensive tables.


    There is also an attention to detail on this table which is unparalleled in its class. The legs themselves open automatically when unlocked, which can make setting up the table from storage much easier. As well, for safety, the corners of the table have protection which prevents injuries from sharp corners.

    With its red accents on its frame underneath a black table, the Viper Arlington Indoor Table Tennis Table offers a pizzazz which makes it stands out from the class of entry-level tables. Priced close to the middle of tables meant for recreational or beginning players, beyond its looks, the Arlington offers what is good, although basic table.


    Compared to many tables made to be folded for storage, the Arlington can be commended for its relatively small storage size. Between its thinner frame elements and its dual-trolley system, this table compacts to fit in a two foot-wide space.


    While the table did require a bit of gentleness when opening and closing, being able to fit it into a tighter space when stored was attractive, especially for those who were putting the table into a closet or tight space when not in use.


    Beyond storage and looks, there is not much that really stands out for this table. It is a well made table that offers comparable quality of play to other tables at its price point.

    The STIGA InstaPlay Table Tennis Table is a ping pong table that offers STIGA quality in a dual-chassis table, making it very friendly for those who need to move their table for storage.


    While it is priced a little higher than similar tables, by being ready to play upon delivery and STIGA’s reputation for quality and attention to detail makes it a great choice.


    The InstaPlay as its name implies is made for quick setup, which it manages with its easy to unlock safety latches. With one press the latch holding each side releases, but these latches are still solid enough to not unlatch on its own.


    This table is a great choice for those wanting a nice table they can bring out when needed quickly and simply.


    Like other STIGA tables, the InstaPlay has many of the same safety features like corner protectors and locks that give STIGA’s its reputation for being a leader in ping pong tables and equipment.


    Even then, it is debatable that these little things justify the difference in price between this table and other starter-level tables.

    STIGA Triumph Table Tennis Table is STIGA’s lowest priced table and as such is a basic table. Still the STIGA brand maintains its reputation as this is still a table built to STIGA’s standards.


    The Triumph multigame table is priced to be an entry-level table and for a basic table, it does its job. The playing surface provides a fairly consistent bounce for a lower-end table, although it has painted lines on the table instead of the screen printed lines of other STIGA tables. But considering that many high end tables have painted lines, this is really only a minor concern.


    This ping pong table also had another issue that had to do with how it folded to become a practice table. The sides when folded do not fold parallel with the net, causing returns to not be true when practicing.


    But for a basic table that can get you started on ping pong, the Triumph is a good table that is fairly cheap.

    The STIGA STS 420 Table Tennis Table is to give a great ping pong experience quickly, although at a higher-end price for a mobile table.


    Still, this is a tournament-level table that is built to last and it provides amenities that you will wonder how you did without once you have used them.


    The STS 420 has a 1 inch thick tournament standard playing surface finished to have a smooth finish that will last for years, providing a solid bounce and years of enjoyment.


    Also impressive is the ball storage compartments built into the apron of each end to compliment STIGA’s 3D-moulded corner protectors which as mentioned on other models, protect from scratches and snags.


    Even more impressive is that this table is shipped ready to play out of the box, just requiring a couple of bolts and putting in the leg levelers.


    Many purchasers did feel the price was a little off-putting, but they tended to change their opinion once they saw the quality and durability of this ping pong table.

    A unique look is the first thing you notice when looking at the Cornilleau Sport 500 Indoor Table Tennis Table. This ping pong table has an arched design to its legs and supports that is unique in the industry, especially in mobile tables.


    The Sport 500 has a 7/8ths inch thick chipboard playing surface on top of these arcs, which gives its tables a solid energy return.


    As well, the DSI security system allows you to easily open and close this ping pong table and prevent accidents while stored. The table is easy to store and move with this consideration and ideal for the committed ping pong player who does not have the space for a table at all times.


    The biggest drawback to the Sport 500 in most opinions is that it is priced a little higher than its equivalent tables on the market from other makers.


    Serious players will not see this as an issue, but those looking for a table for their family or the general player will probably not want to pay the premium for this table.

    Our Choice For Best Indoor Ping Pong Table


    The STIGA Advantage is our winner for the top indoor table tennis table. STIGA is one of the oldest and most reputable table tennis companies in the world. Established in 1934, the company began making products for players just four years later.


    If you’re in the market for an affordable table tennis table that won’t cost an arm and a leg, the Advantage is your top choice. Despite the low price tag on this table, it meets the needs of most players and is strong enough for everyday games as well as tournaments.


    Designed specifically for indoor use, the Advantage has a vibrant blue surface that allows the white lines to really pop. Those lines help you see where the ball lands and keep track of shots and know when one player or scored or knocked the ball out of bounds.


    This surface has a coated finish that retains its color and design as well as silkscreen stripes across the top that will last through years of games.


    While other tables require hours of set up and assembly, the Advantage is much easier to set up. STIGA assembles most components of the table before shipping it to you, which lets you get to playing faster. More than 90% of this product comes already assembled, and you can put the remaining parts together in under an hour.


    Suitable for both larger and smaller homes, this is a model that you can leave out all the time or put it away for storage. When stored, the table takes up half the space that it usually requires. Both sides of the table fold up towards the center, while the casters on the bottom allow you to slide the table into any storage space such as a garage or basement.


    You’ll also find locks on the bottom of those wheels too that let you lock and unlock the wheels before and after moving the table with just your foot. If you want to practice and improve your skills without playing against a partner, you can fold up one side of the table to create a backboard.

    If you are looking for a table you plan on using outdoors, it is important to get a table rated for outdoor play as it will resist warping from sun and moisture as well as be better able to withstand wind.

    While your mobile indoor table has wheels, it does not mean that it will function for long as an outdoor table. With that in mind, here our the best outdoor tables in our opinion.

    Top Table Tennis Tables For Inside Your Home

    RankProductReview Score
    1STIGA Advantage Ping Pong Table
    9.9Check Price on Amazon
    2 JOOLA Inside Ping Pong Table
    9.8Check Price on Amazon
    3JOOLA Tour 1800 Ping Pong Table
    9.6Check Price on Amazon
    4JOOLA Rally TL Ping Pong Table
    9.5Check Price on Amazon
    5JOOLA Midsize Compact Ping Pong Table
    9.3Check Price on Amazon

    Top Outdoor Options

    As a lightweight mobile table, the JOOLA Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table is another table suited for outdoor storage more than permanent outdoor setup.


    Even considering this, this ping pong table is more than capable of outside play at a price which is very wallet friendly.


    The Nova Outdoor has a 30 millimeter steel tube frame and supports, making it more than able to handle what mother nature throws at it.


    Atop this frame sits a 6 millimeter thick aluminum and plastic composite surface that is resistant to both weather and the chipping that can occur with play.


    Again, being a lighter table, it is doubtful that you will want to leave this table out when it is storming or windy, but fortunately the chassis of this table is wheeled in order to be moved easily if the need arose.

    The Prince Advantage Table Tennis Table is a table made for both indoor or outdoor play.


    It is weather resistance of an outdoor table with the playability of an indoor table. Literally it is a table that can be used anywhere you have space for a ping pong table.


    This is accomplished with Prince’s Compreg Technology. This technology uses specially treated high-density wood that both resists water while providing the true bounce of an indoor table.


    Many users pointed out that this table held up well in the face of the humidity of warmer southern states, which is not normal for a lot of wooden items.


    If there is an issue with the Advantage table, it would be that the leg adjustments were prone to breakage according to several reviewers.


    This can be very troubling for outdoor use as a completely level surface proves hard to find and being able to make those adjustments are integral.

    When you want to take your love of the game outside, you need a table tennis table designed for outdoor play like the XTR from STIGA. Made from aluminum, this table can withstand all types of weather conditions, including both snow and rain. The top won’t warp when exposed to moisture the way indoor models can.


    STIGA designed this table for fast set up. It takes just 10 minutes for you to set it up on your patio or lawn. Though this model comes folded, the legs have a self-folding design that allows you to quickly unfold the table and start a new game.


    Many players like that this model has a folding design because that allows them to store the table in a garage or an outdoor shed. You can also store it right on your patio and tuck it into a corner to save on storage space. With a bright blue surface that features bold white lines, this table helps all players line up their shots.

    Killerspin’s MyT Street Edition Outdoor Table Tennis Table combines their attention to style with a functional and portable table. The two things that draw attention to this outdoor table are its light weight and edgy design.


    The MyT Street Edition table because of its light weight is much more mobile than the typical outdoor use table. The entire table weighs 145 pounds and each side of the table separates for even easier movement of the table.


    The playing surface is a 1/6 inch thick aluminum and plastic blend that tends to play faster and with more spin than the typical table, even if it does not give the expect bounce.


    At the same time, the weight of the MyT Street might be a drawback as well as it seems to be more of a table that you store in a shed and take outside when wanted rather than a table that can sit outside full time.


    It at least would be a table that you would want to get put up in the face of storms, although the frame and surface appear solid enough to take some substantial punishment.

    Another indoor/outdoor use table, the Butterfly Sport Outdoor Rollaway ping pong table offers play anywhere versatility at a price much lower than many outdoor use tables.


    The most attractive feature of the Sport Outdoor Rollaway is the low profile of this table when stored, folding up to slightly more than two feet wide.


    This combined with its fairly light weight makes it an easy table to bring outside when the weather is agreeable. The playing surface is melamine resin, allowing for a light weight surface that plays closer to wood than most outdoor surfaces.


    Like most other outdoor tables made for easy storage, this table is ideal for sun porches or being kept in a shed or garage and brought out when needed. This table can be used indoors easily as its price is comparable to mid-tier folding indoor tables.

    The Stiga Vapor Outdoor Table Tennis Table is a foldable ping pong table which has been treated to withstand outdoor conditions.


    Its durable playing surface and frame are built to withstand a lot of use and can be a great table for the family to use for years.


    The playing surface of the Vapor is an aluminum plastic surface that has been painted. This allows the surface to resist warping that would occur potentially with wooden tables left in the elements. It does not provide the same bounce as a wooden table and tends to play faster with shallower bounces.


    Much like the other foldable outdoor tables, its lighter weight might not make it able to handle wind or other stormy conditions. But even then, the construction should be sturdy enough to not bend if flipped.

    An innovative design highlights the Cornilleau Sport 500M Outdoor Table Tennis Table as its curved supports and legs give it a distinctive look that also provides strong support.


    This ping pong table is more expensive than most other mobile outdoor tables, but for that money you get an incredible table.


    The intelligent design of the Sport 500M is not just limited to its frame though. The table top is a 7 millimeter thick resin laminate surface which is coated with a special MATTOP finish that enables it to play like a thicker wooden surface, but still resist outdoor conditions.


    This table may not be tournament certified, but many reviewers commented on how close this table played to a conventional tournament surface that might be good enough for the rec room.

    The Cornilleau Sport 250S Outdoor Table Tennis Table provides much of the same innovations and smart design of the Sport 500M, but with a slightly friendlier price. Much like the Sport 500M, it is a sturdy and easy to move ping pong table.


    The playing surface is a 5 millimeter laminate resin with a MATTOP finish, giving a decent bounce without the ball skidding of some outdoor surfaces.


    The frame is not as robust or curved as the 500M, but is still quite sturdy as it still uses galvanized steel that combines light weight and strength. As well, this table sets up and stores quickly, as well as easy to roll on grass.


    The Sport 250S is a great outdoor table and while more expensive than the tables that rely on an aluminum and plastic table top, the quality of play on this table makes it worth it if you are looking for an outdoor table.

    Though not quite as solid as some of the indoor tables now available, the Outsider from Harvil is a good choice for those on a budget who want to play table tennis outside.


    The Outsider is one of the only weather-resistant tables on the market, and it can withstand almost all weather conditions. It features a powder-coated steel frame and an aluminum top that will not rust.


    As one of the more mobile models available, this table is easy to transport. It comes partially assembled and with legs that quickly fold down from the tabletop. Four of the legs on the bottom are solid, but four of those legs have casters that let you wheel the table and then lock the wheels down.


    The Outsider comes with a net system that connects easily and comes off just as quickly before you fold and store the table. It also features a blue playing surface with clearly defined white lines that help you better keep track of the ball.

    6 Top Rated Outdoor Ping Ping Table Right Now

    Our Choice For Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table

    Our winner for the best outdoor table tennis table is the JOOLA Nova. While you can easily use this table indoors, it works great outdoors too.


    As much fun as you have playing table tennis in your rec room or living room, you may find that you have even more fun when you take the game outside. The best table tennis table for outdoor play is the Nova from JOOLA. Also called the Nova DX, this is a product that you can use during parties and when you just want to have some fun with family or friends.


    At nine-feet-long by five-feet-wide, the Nova is a tournament table that lets you enjoy the exciting feel of competitions in your own home and in the great outdoors. Not only does this meet the standards imposed by professional table tennis organizations, but it has the seal of approval from USA Table Tennis, which is the group that holds tournaments across the country. JOOLA is the official brand of the National Championship in the United States and the US Open.


    As an outdoor mode, the Nova features a thick playing surface that measures 6mm in size. This surface uses a composite material that mixes plastic with aluminum. Not only does this material withstand exposure to outdoor elements like rain and wind, but the surface won’t warp either.


    In addition to giving you a completely smooth and flat playing surface, the Nova is easy to put together. When you take it out of the box, you’ll find that it comes with just eight bolts that attach the legs to the top. You can set this table up in just 15 minutes.


    The three-inch wheels used on four of the bottom legs make this table one of the easiest models to transport because those wheels evenly distribute the weight of the surface. You’ll also like that you can fold the table down to store it in a garden shed or any other outdoor space.

    Top Product By Price

    Under $ 1000:

    Cornilleau Sport 250S Outdoor


    With an affordable price, the 250S Outdoor Table Tennis Table from Cornilleau Sport offers some of the same features as tables priced above $1,000, including those from the same manufacturer.


    This model has a laminate resin surface that measures five millimeters in size, which gives it the great bounce that indoor tables have and outdoor tables often lack.


    The galvanized steel used in the construction of the table frame helps this one weigh less, which makes it easier to move. Large wheels in the center create a frame that helps with transportation too. Each of the wheels has a double design with a durable and notched tread.


    As a crossover ping pong table, the 250S works just as well for indoor play as it does for outdoor games. Its lightweight design and notched wheels allow players to move the table inside and out to set up games with ease.

    Under $ 500:
    JOOLA Inside 


    The top table under $500 is the JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table, which is one of the more affordable tables with a high average rating from shoppers. Designed for those who take the game more seriously, it meets all the standards for both tournament and competition play.


    Players have the option of folding up just one side for practice sessions. This creates a flat surface that allows players to hit the ball against the wall and have the ball come right back to them.


    The large wheels located on the bottom of the table are perfect for moving it while folded or while the surface is flat. Those wheels also lock in place to prevent the table from wobbling during games. Players lock and unlock the wheels with one foot.


    A playing surface that measures 15 millimeters creates a nice surface that is both reliable and consistent. This gives each ball hit a nice amount of bounce that players cannot get on their own.

    Under $300: Stiga Space Saver


    Though some people think that the top tables are those with a high price tag, the STIGA Space Saver proves that players can get a good table at a lower price.


    As the top table under $300, this is a table that owners can pull out and use whenever they want to play a game and then pop it back in storage when they’re done.


    This 71-inch long table features four legs with connectors between the legs to keep the table upright and to add some stability to the surface as balls bounce across the top. Unlike other tables that require quite a bit of set up, this one sets up quickly once taken out of its shipping box too.


    The 5/8-inch MDF top on the table adds the perfect amount of bounce to balls and comes with a silk-screened playing surface added to it, which will last longer than tables that use painted graphics.

    Under $200: Franklin Sports Mid Size


    The Franklin Sports Mid Size Table Tennis Table is a regulation height table that features bent metal legs to keep its weight down.


    Those legs fold flat for easier storage and to bring down the size of the table. Both sides also fold up to form a box, and it has a carrying handle on the top that makes this look more like a suitcase.


    As the top table under $200, this is also one of the only ones in this price range to feature levelers on each leg. Those levelers allow players to even out the playing surface and to compensate for uneven floors.


    A bright green finish on the playing surface makes it easier for players to see the white line running down the center, which helps them set up shots. It also comes with a net that players can take off when storing the table.

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