Atomic Blazer 7′ Hockey Table Review

    Air hockey tables are sometimes so expensive that you may decide you don’t need one after checking out some prices, but there are some tables that are more affordable and still strong enough to handle daily play. When you skip fancy accessories like electronic scoreboards and realistic lights, you can save even more on one of these tables.

    Atomic Blazer 7′ Hockey Table (Check Amazon)

    The Atomic Blazer 7′ Hockey Table ( View on ) is an awesome table that costs less to work with your budget. This table has a realistic playing surface on top and a blower that moves the puck. It’s also one of the only air hockey tables in this price range with an integrated scoring system built into the rail around the top.

    Product Specifications

    • Has rails around the top to keep the pucks in the playing field that can accommodate table tops for other games
    • Its 120V blower is strong enough to blow the puck across the table and keep it from sticking to the sides or in the corners
    • The rails overhang the top of the table slightly to give pucks more bounce when striking the sides
    • Made from MDF, plywood and other inexpensive materials that bring the price of the table down but are strong enough for daily play
    • Measures 84-inches long by 48-inches wide, which includes the rails and edges, and stands 32-inches tall

    Pros/Cons of the Atomic Blazer 7′ Hockey Table

    120V Blower

    The 120V electronic blower on this air hockey table does a good job of keeping the puck moving. It can even help the puck move out of a corner.

    Larger Rails

    This Atomic air hockey table comes with larger rails that overhand the sides. These rails give the puck more bounce as it comes off the side and keeps the pucks from sliding off the table.

    Puck Return

    Each side of the table has a puck return that looks like a small slot. Once a player scores, the other player can reach inside this return and grab the puck.

    Electronic Scoreboard

    Atomic added an electronic scoreboard that won’t get in the way. This board helps both players keep an eye on the current score.

    Though the Atomic Blazer 7′ Hockey Table has a powerful blower, there is still a chance that the puck might land on a spot that the blower cannot reach. Some buyers also complained online that the wood on the table started splitting within a few months of their purchases.

    Final Verdict

    As you look at air hockey tables for sale, you might feel like you need to choose between a high-quality table that costs a lot of money or an affordable table that won’t last as long. The Atomic Blazer 7′ Hockey Table ( View on ) combines the best of both worlds. We highly recommend this table for those who are on a budget.

    Atomic Blazer 7′ Hockey Table (Check Amazon)

    The Blazer has a built-in electronic scoreboard, levelers on the base of each leg and a playing surface that really looks like an ice hockey rink. With the Atomic Blazer 7′ Hockey Table, you’ll love the great features that you can get for a low price.