Atomic Shelf 7.5 Air Hockey Table Review

    When you decide to create a game room in your home, you need something that will serve as a focal point like an air hockey table. These tables feature goals on opposite ends and some type of mechanism that blows air across the table to keep the puck moving.

    The ultimate air hockey table is the Atomic Shelf 7.5 Air Hockey Table. While you will need to make sure that you have the space for this long table in your home, it comes with lights that add to the excitement and an electronic scorekeeper. This table makes you feel like you’re playing a real game of hockey.


    Product Specifications

    • Has a 120V motor that maximizes the flow of air and creates more realistic gameplay
    • Measures 7.5-feet long but have an 82-inch long playing surface that lets you move freely around the table
    • Includes a hexagonal puck with LED lights inside that spins when hit or exposed to the air
    • Comes with its own control center that lets you turn the lights and sounds on and off before, during or after a game
    • A heavier top on the table keeps it more stable as you play
    • Atomic gives you three pucks for use on the table that each measure three inches across

    Pros/Cons of the Atomic Shelf 7.5 Air Hockey Table

    Lots of Action

    Not only does this table have a powerful 120V motor that produces lots of air, but it also has a slick surface. That combination of features keeps the puck moving smoothly.

    Accurate Scoring

    With an electronic scorekeeper on the side, this table keeps accurate score of each goal that a player makes. This scorekeeper will count down the time remaining in each game to let you know the time you have left to score.

    Control Panel

    Use the control panel to make changes to the table. Its control panel lets you change the lights and sounds that play as well as adjust the music.

    The biggest problem with this Atomic Shelf 7.5 Air Hockey Table is that it weighs more than the table you played on in the past, which can make it hard to move the table or even carry it into your house. Some may dislike how loudly the electronics on this table are, especially the noises that sound when someone scores and the music that it plays.

    Final Verdict

    The Atomic Shelf 7.5 Air Hockey Table (Check on will appeal to anyone who played on an arcade table before. It takes all the fun and excitement of those arcades and gives you a way to recreate that feeling at home. The table even has built-in lights, sounds, and music.

    While those sounds may get on your nerves, you can easily access the control panel and turn the lights off or change the sounds that play. It has a strong air mechanism as well as a slick surface on top. The Atomic Shelf 7.5 Air Hockey Table is the top table for kids and adults as well as beginners and advanced players.