Cornilleau Sport 500M Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review

    Table tennis, sometimes called ping pong, is a fun game that you can play with loved ones or competitively against others.

    It’s also a quickly growing sport with multiple companies offering new centers that host matches and let you play for fun. If you prefer playing at home, you need a good table.

    Outdoor tables come with features that protect the legs, surface and other components from environmental dangers. The Cornilleau Sport 500M Outdoor Table Tennis Table (View on is one of the best choices for outdoor use because of its weatherproof design and locking wheels that make moving and storing the table easy.


    Cornilleau Sport 500M Outdoor Ping Pong Table Specifications

    Before pulling out your credit card to make a purchase, there are a few things you should know about this table.

    Weatherproof Design

    Cornilleau added a weatherproof design to this table that makes it one of the top choices for outdoor use. It’s durable enough for using in areas that receive a lot of rain, but you can also play outside in areas that get snow and ice without worrying about rusting or other problems.

    Easy Storage

    With smoothly moving wheels on the bottom and a folding top, this is one of the easiest tables to store. The top of the table also folds up to help you practice your serve and for solo play. Folding the top down also lets you remove it from the table for convenient storage.

    Larger Wheels

    The four larger wheels on the center support posts feature grooves that help you move across any surface. Those wheels let you move the table across your patio, onto your driveway or even from your garage to your yard with minimal help.

    Adjustable Legs

    This Cornilleau table tennis table also comes with adjustable legs that let you raise or lower the table to the height you need. You can raise it high enough for using the table while in a wheelchair.


    • Adjustable Net and Legs - Both the net and the legs on this table tennis adjust to the exact height that you need. Adjusting the legs will help you play against younger competitors and those who use wheelchairs. You can then change the height of the net to accommodate those players.
    • Compact Storage - Other table tennis tables are hard to take apart for storage, but this one is easy to store. You can remove the net, lift off the top and then fold the top down into a compact and flat piece for storage. It also comes with removable legs.
    • Safe for Use Outside - As an outdoor ping pong table, this one is suitable for outdoor use. Grooves on the bottom wheels help you push the table across any surface, including gravel, concrete or even grass. Its surface and legs have a weatherproof-coating too.


    Make sure that you weigh the pros and cons of this table before investing in it. Some of those cons may include:

    • It’s one of the most expensive outdoor table tennis tables. There are more affordable ones.
    • It can take up to three hours or longer to assemble it

    Final Verdict

    A weatherproof design, convenient storage features and wheels with grooves are some of the top features of this Cornilleau Table Tennis Table.

    Made from steel, the frame can withstand environmental dangers without breaking down or rusting like other tables will. If you need a table for playing table tennis outside and want something you can easily store in your home or garage, this is your best choice.


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