11 Best Foosball Tables For Your Money

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    • Abacus-Style Scoring
    • Internal Ball Return System
    • 1/2" Hollow Rods with Chrome Finish
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      Solid 3.75" Square Legs
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      Cross Bar Support for Added Strength


    Game rooms, college dorms, arcades, man caves: What do all of these have in common? The humble foosball table.

    We’ve all wanted one at some point or another, and now it’s finally time. We have space; we have the money…but what do we look for? How do we know we aren’t getting ripped off?

    Today I’m going to answer those questions, and once we have the right criteria in mind, share some of my favorite tables on the market today.

    So, without further ado:

    Foosball Table Reviews

    How To Choose The Right One For You

    When buying a foosball table, there are three main criteria we need to keep in mind: Price, size, and construction.


    They can get pretty expensive (especially for the best quality ones), so we need to make sure we know what our budget is. On average, we should expect to pay between $700-$800 for a decent table, and shouldn’t be surprised to see some of the best brands selling their top-of-the-line for over $1000 or even $2000.

    There are cheaper tables, but generally, the trade-off between price and quality is steep.


    A standard competition sized product is roughly 56“ long, and 30“ wide, not including the rods extended. This means we’re going to want about 8 square feet of space for our product to rest in. Otherwise, we won’t be able to play it, or at least not comfortably.

    When looking at the size, it’s also important to think about our height (or the height of the people we’re buying it for) and make sure it is a comfortable height for their arms. This is especially important if we’re buying one that we want to play with our kids; it’s much harder for them to reach (and view) up than it is for us to bend down. To that end, units with adjustable heights offer a big plus.


    The only material I’d outright say to stay away from are the ones with particle board construction. It offers no real benefit besides making it incredibly cheap – and you get what you pay for. Particleboard will break down quickly, and in the long run, we’ll end up needing to buy a new one anyway, only saving us money in the short term.

    I suggest thinking about where our unit is going first. If we’re putting it indoors, our options are pretty much wide open. There are great options made of solid wood, metal, and composite materials (these are slightly flimsier but make up for it by being significantly lighter and more comfortable to move).

    The best outdoor units are often going to be made of sturdy resin and impact-resistant glass or laminated wood (and these can be used indoors as well, making for an excellent versatile product if you throw a big party outdoors once in a while).

    It’s also important to note the playing surface and how the rods are constructed. The surface should be smooth, with painted lines and logos; stay away from anything with stickers as they will peel over time and make the surface rougher (and the game slower). I’d also suggest sticking with hollow rods, rather than solid metal, as they’re much lighter and faster.

    Given these criteria, the Warrior Professional is my pick for best on the market in terms of “bang for your buck,” but there are many other good picks for different purposes, and we’re going to look at some.

    In-Depth Reviews of Top Rated Models

    With an abacus on each end of the table, players can better keep track of their shots. The American Legend Charger features a playing surface uses a darker color that allows the white markings to really shine and an internal system. Located within the table, this system attaches to each goal and moves the scored ball into a return drop.


    Instead of fighting over who gets an advantage when you start a new game, you’ll find one large ball slot on the front lets players drop the ball right onto the center of the playing field. It has solid legs on each corner with a square design that offers more support and hollow steel rods. That design that keeps to keep the weight down and give you more control.


    A cross beam between each set of legs will give the table more stability, which is important because this table weighs less than 90 pounds. You can easily move it and still get a good amount of support. It measures 53.5-inches long by 26-inches wide by 34-inches tall. The playing field inside measures 3/16-inches thick and uses a type of MDF that will not warp.

    This KICK foosball table has a unique and contemporary design that will look nice in any modern home that features a mounted scoring system. This system lets you slide over a piece to mark a scored goal. All included men sit on the playing field and remain firmly attached to steel rods that let you control each one.


    The 5/8-inch steel rods have a chrome plating and comfortable grips on the ends. Those grips let you play as long as you want, while the chrome plating adds a nice look to the table. It comes with two standard balls designed by the manufacturer and two premium balls.


    All of the included men have a counter-balanced design that allows you to move them in any direction. The players use different colors and have a counter-balanced design for more convenient playing You’ll also find that each side of the table features four rods with enough space in between for up to two players to stand on either side.


    At 55-inches long by 30-inches wide by 36-inches tall, this table also comes with a lifetime warranty that covers all problems and issues that can occur. It features unique legs curve up towards the playing surface and has built-in levelers on the bottom and an internal ball return system gives each player the opportunity to grab the ball and put it back into play after someone scores. The ball drop puts the ball right back in the exact center of the playing field.


    This model features a durable and completely flat playing surface that measures 1/2-inch thick. KICK lets you a free sample of its specially designed lubricant for use on the steel rods too.

    tornado tournamnent 3000


    • Professional Quality
    • Unique Rod Guard System
    • Counter-Weighted Men 
    • Regulation Size
    • Added cupholders


    • Heavy solid metal handles

    Review: This is an excellent mid-range unit. It has just about everything we’re looking for in a product. It falls just above regulation size (56” x 31.25” x34.75”; 1.25” longer than usual) and is constructed of MDF (a quality composite wood), so it can stand up to some abuse.


    As a bonus, the MDF composite leaves it at a reasonably light 142 lbs., making it easy to move around. It comes with built-in leg levelers, allowing you to adjust height and level up to 3.5”.


    It is a three-man goalie, so take note of this feature if you feel like the game is too easy with the two extra goalies.
    As added extras, it has in-set cupholders (potentially allowing you to save space in a relatively cramped game room) and real wood handles, giving it that extra bit of sturdiness where it counts, on the part that’s going to take the most wear and tear.


    My only real gripe is that its rods are solid metal. Hollow rods aren’t technically necessary, but the extra weight is killer on the hands and wrists during extended play sessions, and it makes the game noticeably slower due to the extra effort involved in rapidly twisting the heavier rods.


    It’s not a dealbreaker by any means, but definitely, something to keep in mind, especially if you’re going to be playing with kids who might struggle to turn the handles.


    The verdict: It’s not fancy and lacks many of the bells and whistles of certain extremely high-grade models, but it looks nice, holds up well to abuse, and has everything you need to have a good time. I’d suggest picking this up if you’re a more casual foosball fan who doesn’t want to empty your bank account for something you aren’t going to be playing all the time but want it there when friends come over, as it is currently slightly cheaper (and much more decorative) than the Warrior.

    tornado t3000


    • Sturdy Construction
    • Affordable price
    • Competition size
    • Variable height and level


    • A little heavy, likely due to rod guards
    • Not a looker
    • Slight dead spots near corners

    Review: It prides itself on being a professional model, and it’s the only one recognized by the USTF league. It is a single-man goalie, MDF constructed, laminated, well-oiled-machine.


    In addition to its primary specs (full competition size, 56”x30”x36”; and weighing in at a hefty 195 lbs), it boasts a number of additional features.  The Rod Guard system sheathes one side of each rod. It doesn’t hinder the game’s function at all but prevents the rods from injuring people (especially children) on the other side of the fast-moving pieces of metal.


    I recommend this product for that feature alone, but everything else about it is technically sound as well. The levelers are wide and solid, and while it also has solid rods these rods are balanced and coated to perfection, making them glide far more comfortable than some others. The counter-weighted men are something standard to most professional units, and considerably speed up play.


    The only real downside is the looks; this is a utilitarian product, no doubt. All thought was given to function over form, and as a result, the look is…not exactly ugly, but very plain.


    The Verdict: It is practically a steal. It is a top-notch product and a very reasonably priced product for what it includes. It is the best unit for home use, and that’s why it is the standard by which I will judge the other models on this list.

    tornado eltie


    • All the bells and whistles
    • Maximum Quality Construction
    • Official Tournament product
    • Hollow rods


    • Very high price point
    • Extremely heavy

    This, my friends, is the foosball table. It has its own tournament tour (actually two and is the official table of a third). For true enthusiasts, it doesn’t get better than this.


    Incredibly solid, competition size (of course), levelers, counter-weighted men, banked corners, the works. It simply does not get better than this model in terms of pure performance. It even has the hollow rods I like so much that feel like they can spin forever.


    I have had the pleasure of playing on this unit a couple of times and it is great. And it even looks really nice. I love dark redwoods. This thing is exactly what I was referring to when I said “certain extremely high-grade models” back in the Atomic Gladiator product review.


    I say “played on” because I don’t own one…and you can probably guess why. Yes, with the greatest quality comes the greatest price. It is almost three times my other favorite on this list. It is an exorbitant price. It’s also a mammoth weighing 355 lbs, meaning once you put it somewhere this sucker is staying there.


    The verdict: This is, no question, the best product money can buy. The question really is “Can I afford it?” and “Do I need this level of quality?”. For many, the answer to both is going to be no.


    This is not a hobby unit, it is a professional grade product for true enthusiasts and people who travel to tournaments. If that is you, this is a perfect buy. If not…well, stick with the Warrior or Gladiator. You’ll get the same amount of fun for way less of an investment.

    This MD Sports table features a bead scoring system located on each end of the table allows players to keep track of their own scores. It also has chrome accents on the edges that give it a classy and more expensive look. With a durable cabinet with a wood veneer over the top, it looks just like real hardwood too.


    At 58-inches long from one end to the other, this model is a competition table that is suitable for hosting tournaments at home. You’ll find steel rods that move smoothly and will not stick to the table as well as wood grips on the rods. Those grips have a curved design that will comfortably in the hands of all players.


    Thanks to the leg levelers on each leg, you have the option of adjusting the height and using the table on a floor that is not completely flat. The interior of the Barrington features the MD Sports log in the center and crisp white lines on a green playing field. You can purchase this model as-is or pay extra for professional assembly.


    All the included players that sit on the rods have a realistic design with accents painted on by hand. Those players also wear either red or blue uniforms to help competitors keep track of their own teams.


    It also features a ball return system that allows both the goals on this table drop the ball into a return system that causes it to fall into a hole that drops the ball out from the front. MD Sports gives you several extra balls to compensate for those lost during intense games too.

    Sportcraft makes one of the only commercial tables available today, which makes the AMF Varsity suitable for use in homes and in shops, restaurants and bars. It features steel reinforcements on the corners add to the table’s durable design and four solid legs. Each of the four legs allows the table to stand up to fast-paced games and lots of action.


    A built-in ball return system allows any balls scored to drop down from the outside center of the table. This makes it easier for you to grab the ball after making a goal and put it back into play.


    All four legs have levelers that make it easy for shoppers to adjust the table’s total height. The levelers also give customers the option of using the table on floors with dips or uneven areas.


    With score markers on each end, both teams and players can keep track of their scores. Each player also has access to four steel rods that the manufacturer evenly spaced across the surface to ensure that no one player has an advantage over another. Sportcraft carefully balanced the rods and added reinforcements to keep the rods from sliding out of the table.


    All the players on the field wear uniforms in either a red or blue shade that lets players keep track of their own men. You’ll also find built-in cup holders located on each end of the table can hold up to four drinks of different sizes. Thanks to its larger playing surface, the AMF Varsity can support teams of one to two people.


    This model measures 56 inches by 30 inches by 35 inches when the levelers are not in use and comes with four extra balls. Those balls that all have a textured surface, which allows those balls to move smoothly over the playing field.

    Carrom makes a number of good foosball tables, including this model that has a basic cabinet with thin sheets of wood with a wood grain pattern on the outside. The interior playing surface measures 0.375-inches thick and is perfectly smooth to keep the ball rollings. You’ll also find a scoring system that lets players move a marker over when they make a goal on each end of the table.


    All the rubber handles on the steel rods have built-in padding to let players compete longer with less discomfort. It features a ball return system that allows the ball to come out of either end of the table, which lets the player who didn’t score choose where and how to drop the ball the next time. This system uses a type of plastic that won’t break when a player scores a goal.


    Three men placed in front of each goal to give players more stopping power. Those players and all others located on this table have tapered feet to help players hit the ball with more force. Carrom also painted the players on the field to make them last longer.


    With a weight of just 156 pounds, both individuals and small groups can easily move the table. It measures just over 50-inches wide by 36-inches tall and 55-inches deep. Depending on the weight that you need and where you want to place the table, you can use the leg levelers too.


    Carrom screen-printed the graphics onto the playing surface to ensure that those graphics don’t wear off over time. It also added steel rods feature a layer of chrome to add to their longevity. Carrom even put this table through a number of different tests to make sure it could stand up to your demands.

    Goplus made this foosball table and ensured that its dimensions meet all the standards for competition play for those who want to host their own tournaments at home. Though designed specifically for indoor use only, it will fit in most homes. The cabinet features a type of strong MDF with a wood grain pattern added to the exterior for added longevity.


    That elegant wood cabinet features a darker wood finish and some black and chrome accents. The sides of the cabinet feature steel rods that each have a bearing design that keeps the rods from catching on the table. Those rods are resistant to the corrosion that occurs when the metal suffers any exposure to water or other types of moisture.


    This model measures roughly 53-inches long by 32-inches tall. It is sturdy and tall enough for both adults and younger players to use and features leg levelers. Those levelers located on the bottom of each leg have an oversized design that adds more stability to the table and spin in both directions to raise and lower each leg as needed.


    A ball return system drops any scored balls into slots on each end of the table to keep games going. Goplus recreated the actual look of a soccer field with white markings on a green surface to show the outline of each goal and the different zones on the field. All the players have a unique design that includes a rounded hear to cut down on air and wind resistance and tapered feet that won’t catch on the ball.


    You’ll also find comfort grips on the end of each rod help players control their men and play for hours without any issues. All players have control over four rods that determine where the ball and their men go. This model also features a built-in scoring system uses small beads that players can slide after scoring a point.

    Suitable for kids and adults, this model is light enough that users can place this model right on any table for a quick game. It includes a primary soccer ball and a second ball in case you lose the first and has a compact design that makes finding a place for it and storing it in your home easy.


    Each end features a goal area with a large hole that helps younger players target their goals and score points. It also has four rods and allows each player to control the actions of six men on the field. The ball return system allows either player to grab the ball and drop it back on the table after scoring.


    All of the included players with flat feet that touch the playing surface. The design of each player uses bright and vibrant colors to help you keep up with all the action. Depending on the age of those who want to play, this table can accommodate up to four players.


    The metal rods on the table rotate in a 360-degree direction to ensure that you never miss out on an important shot. They also have rubber grips that bend and flex to help you feel more comfortable as you play. With manual score markers, you slide a plastic piece over when you make a goal and see who won by who reaches nine goals first.


    Thanks to its portable design, this is a foosball table that you can take with you on vacation and use in different areas of your home. Its wood base features screws and other hardware to ensure that you can use the table for years to come. This model comes partially assembled with an Allen wrench that lets you easily put the rods on the table and put the remaining parts together.

    The longer and stronger design of this table makes it durable enough to withstand heavy use when placed in a commercial business or restaurant. It features manual scoring systems located right above the goals make it easier for players to keep track of their scores. This model works great in game rooms, man caves and other spaces where players get a little feisty or have a few drinks.


    It features a ball return system connected to each goal that transports the ball from either goal to the front of the table and comes in multiple options. You can choose between a dark black wood cabinet or a cabinet that has a lighter and softer oak finish. The leg levelers allow players to adjust the table and set it up between games.


    Each player has four steel rods that they can control to change where and how the players move on the field. Those rods have steel bearings added to the inside of the rods keep them firmly attached to the table and stop the rods from sliding out.


    Though this table measures 55-inches by just nearly 31-inches by more than 34-inches, it has an interior playing field that measures 46-inches long. It comes packaged in a flat box and requires that you use some of your own tools to assemble the table. You can also pay extra and have the table assembled for you.


    Each side features two cup holders that fol up to hold your drinks and fold flat against the table to save space. The table also has a ball drop on the center of the table allows either player to drop the ball onto the playing field before starting a fresh game.


    This table has a great design and a solid base. It features steel and chrome accents all around the table have a bright finish that tones down the other darker shades as well as support beams between the legs on each side.



    American Legend Charger 52” is our top winner! With four rods located on each side, the American Legend Charger is perfect for individuals to play against each other and for small teams to compete. It has players with flat bottoms that let you strike the ball with more force. Those bottoms skim right over the top of the playing field.

    The manufacturer provides you with screws and other hardware act as reinforcements to help with the table's stability. You also get a number of players who wear uniforms in a specific color to help you keep track of your own guys. American Legend Charger 52” is absolutely worth the price if you plan to be a professional fooser.

    Whichever you pick though, happy foosing!