Goplus 54” Foosball Table Review

    When buying a foosball table, you might think that you need to put price above all else, which leaves you picking one out that breaks down faster than you expected. While we know that you want to save money, we also know that you can get a great product and still fit work into the budget that you have.

    One of those is the Goplus 54”, which measures 54-inches long. This model has a cabinet made from MDF with a PVC veneer on the surface that has an actual wood grain pattern.

    Silver leg levelers lighten up the dark look of the cabinet and help you change the table’s overall height. We found similar models that you might like just as much or even more.


    Worth the Investment?

    We think that this 54-inch model is worth the investment for those who want something their kids can play on that will work with their budgets.

    The top features on this model include rods made from real steel that have handles on the ends to help you keep a firm grip on your players, a slick surface to keep the ball in play and a ball return system.

    The EA Sports 56 might be a good choice for your home rather than this one because it’s a little sturdier but is still quite affordable.

    We also recommend the Hathaway Primo, which is a little longer at 56 inches and comes with legs with spacers for added stability.

    Product Specifications

    • Measures just under 54-inches long, which is the same size used in competition and tournament tables
    • Stands 34.5-inches tall and 30.5-inches wide to give you more space under it and around the sides
    • Features steel rods that are 15.8mm thick with the players permanently attached to keep the little men from coming loose
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      Used MDF in the cabinet itself with a PVC veneer on the front that uses dark colors with a wood grain pattern to look more like hardwood
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      Comes with two weighted balls that move faster than balls without weights do
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      Includes eight handles that put four on each side for players to control where their men go 
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      Comes with a warranty that lasts for 90 days after your purchase


    • Features a rod directly in front of your goal box with three men that can block more shots
    • Uses players in either white or black to help each person playing keep track of their guys
    • Has a bead scoring system that lets you slide one bead over at a time as you score
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      Includes a weighted ball that you can strike with more force to keep it moving without the ball slowing down
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      Levelers on the bottom of the legs make adjusting the model for the heights of users and for playing on uneven surfaces easy
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      Steel rods used in each hole on the top of it to let you move the rods faster and control more than one at the same time
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      Has a built-in ball return that drops the ball down from the goals to help you continue with the action
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      A ball drop in the exact center of the table lets you drop the ball into the cabinet to give both sides a fair shot at scoring the first goal
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      Suitable for players of 10 years old and older


    • Handles on the end of the rods are hard and may feel uncomfortable when playing
    • Levelers have a cheap look and hard to adjust

    When searching for the perfect foosball table, it all comes down to personal preference. Those who play at least once a week will want to spend more on a better model because of the stability and durability offered by those tables.

    If you play less often but still want something suitable for your kids and parties, this Goplus option is a good choice. Designed to function like tournament tables, it has the same specifications as the professionals and serious players use.

    This model also has a ball return and leg levelers, though you might not like the placement of the return or how hard adjusting the levelers can be, and some may find that it doesn’t stand up that high to more intense or action-packed games. If you want a basic model that can keep up with your kids though, this Goplus option will undoubtedly deliver.