JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Review

    Playing table tennis is a great way to have some fun and get active. When you play a quick game with friends or family, you’ll burn calories without even realizing that you’re actually working out.

    While you can find small tables that will fit in any room, those smaller tables lack the features that die-hard players want.

    If you want something that will fit your lifestyle now and keep fitting that lifestyle in the future, you want this JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table. The table is suitable for use indoors and is perfect for using at home or in a community center.


    Product Specifications

    From the moment this box arrives on your doorstep to the moment you finish setting it up is roughly 30 minutes or less. As it comes with everything you need for installation inside the box, you can set it up on your own or with a little help from some loved ones. You’ll then want to jump right in and start playing.

    It features a durable surface that uses a type of wood composite material. When the ball hits that surface, it will bounce and spin the exact way you want it to move. The composite material is also pretty resistant to scratches and other minor damage.


    This JOOLO table tennis table actually features two separate pieces that make up the top. Each of those pieces folds into a compact package. You can easily take the table apart for storing when you need some extra space.

    JOOLA includes casters that attach to the bottom of the legs. Those casters lock in place to keep the table from moving as you play, and the standard legs lock in place too. When you need to make more room, you can simply unlock the casters and push the table to a new spot.


    • The pros and cons of this inside table tennis table from JOOLA include its easy portability. Use the rolling casters on the bottom to quickly move the table across the room. Those casters also lock to keep the table sturdy when playing ping pong.
    • If you need even more room, simply fold down the table. You can remove the table top from the attached legs, separate that top into its two pieces and fold down each one. The legs then pull apart and unscrew for convenient storage.
    • Designed to match the standards in place for competition play, comparing this table tennis table is exactly like those used in professional matches. It has the same height and length as the tables used in pro competitions.
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      Instead of using inexpensive MDF for the surface of this table, JOOLA used a type of woodcomposite that will last much longer. That surface also ensures that balls bounce and spin perfectly and absorbs some of the shocks from those balls to cut down on chips and scratches.

    The only problems you might encounter include:

    • the paint job may not be consistent across the table’s surface
    • it may break down after a few years

    Final Verdict

    Comparing this indoor JOOLA table tennis table against other similar tables is one of the best ways to decide if it’s right for your home or activity center.

    As the table has a durable surface made from wood composite materials, it can last for years without showing wear and tear. You’ll also like that the top can fold up or down for storage, solo play or playing with others.

    While it isn’t the absolute best table tennis table, it’s a great option for those just starting out in the sport.


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