MD Sports Barrington Foosball Table Review

    Tournament foosball tables, also called competition tables, must measure a specific width, height, and length, but the size of those products is often a little too small for most homes. The MD Sports Barrington is an excellent option for those who love playing but want something bigger or more significant.

    Instead of measuring the standard 54-inches long, this one is a little over 57-inches long, which gives you and any other players more space to spread out as you play without continually bumping into each other.

    Designed for players who are 10 or older, it can get your kids to finally put down the video games or get off the computer and get more active.

    It comes with all the materials that you need to assemble it inside the box, and most people can ultimately put it together in two hours or less. The Barrington has some top features that make it a worthy addition to your home too.


    Worth The Investment?

    MDF, which is a type of particle board, often gets a bad rap because it’s not as durable as real hardwood, but the MDF used in the Barrington gives it a more upscale look.

    That MDF provides a clean and smooth surface for the veneer, which makes it look like it uses hardwood.

    You can assemble the model in around two to three hours or less because it comes with everything you need except for a screwdriver. The main reason not to invest in this one is that it tends to wobble a little and because the levelers are hard to adjust.

    While we think it’s a good choice for those looking for something more affordable, we also recommend the Playcraft Pitch, which is more stable and durable. You might like the Giantex Multi Game too, which lets you play both foosball and other fun games.

    Product Specifications

    • Comes with eight hollow metal handles that have wood grips on the end of each one
    • Includes four matching balls that let you keep playing after you or someone else loses one
    • Weighs a total of 145 pounds with all pieces included in the box • Comes with a warranty that lasts for a full 90 days after you buy it
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      Measures more than 35-inches tall from the floor to the cabinet, which makes it great for younger players
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      Measures more than 30-inches wide and more than 57-inches long, which makes it slightly larger than tournament tables
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      Steel accents around the top of the cabinet match back to the metal handles
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      Uses MDF in the cabinet to reduce the cost and its total weight
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      Features a matching dark wood veneer on both the cabinet and the legs
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      Designed for players at least age 10


    • Ball return sits close to one end of it and catches the ball when it lands in either goal box located on each end
    • Manual scorekeeper system uses small beads that you can quickly move across the attached rod to instantly update the current score
    • Counterbalanced players have extra weight inside to keep the players from spinning on the rod or tipping over in the middle of a game
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      Metal rods used to control those players have a hollow design that significantly reduces the weight to help you spin the rods with minimal effort
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      Leg levelers keep the realistic playing field, which uses shades of white and green, completely level
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      Features players in contrasting uniform colors of both blue and red to show you which men are on your team
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      Single goalkeepers add a challenging element to gameplay as you use just one player to block shots
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      Curved designs along the top of the table and on the sides add a more exciting look to the product
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      Features steel accents on each corner that tone down the darker shade of the cabinet


    • Does not have the built-in cup holders that you’ll find on other models in this price range
    • Levelers inside the legs are harder to use than those located on the bottom of legs

    When it comes right down to it, we think that the MD Sports Barrington has a nice look with features like leg levelers and hollow metal rods that spin faster than solid rods do.

    We also like that you get multiple balls with this model, which lets you spend more time playing. Other models like the Pitch from Playcraft might be a better fit for your players though.