The 8 Best Ping Pong Paddles To Skyrocket Your Game

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    Are you looking to elevate your table tennis game or perhaps just show your love for somebody through a thoughtful gift?

    If you are anything like I was when I first started playing over 15 years ago, you might be thinking: “aren’t all paddles basically the same?”

    The answer is no, BUT you are in luck: whether a beginner or experienced amateur, you really only need to look at a few key features when buying a new paddle, and in this article I’ll be walking you through exactly what you need to know.

    By the end of this article, you’ll know the absolute best paddle for YOU and your needs, where to buy it, and what to expect from it.

    Best Ping Pong Paddle Reviews

    Whether you call it ping-pong or table tennis or just play in your basement or in a club, choosing the right paddle can elevate your game to a higher level. But there are many options and many manufacturers on the market, which makes finding the right paddle for you difficult.

    What we hope to do today is not only show you the best paddles on the market in our opinion, but also give you guidelines for choosing the right paddle for you.

    How to Choose the Perfect Ping Pong Paddle

    There are a lot of great ping pong paddles on the market, but what is important is understanding what will make the best paddle for you. Nothing is worse than spending money on anything only to find that it does not fit what you need.

    With paddles, you must first understand your playing style and experience. Then you can understand what the differences in materials and construction in paddles will make in your game.

    Playing Style

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    Top Ping Pong Paddles

    Stiga’s selection for the intermediate-level player is our next paddle. The Stiga Pro Carbon (review) begins to get into some of the more sophisticated construction that you see in higher-end paddles, but being priced around the upper middle range, is still reasonably enough for a player who is getting more serious about their play.


    The Stiga Pro Carbon uses a 7-ply blade, with two of those plies being carbon fibre. This makes the paddle a more rigid when returning shots as well as reduces the weight. In spite of this, the Pro Carbon provides top level spin, garnering a rating of 10, which is impressive for a paddle that plays as light as this one.


    As well this blade gives a 9.9 in speed, making this racket a great choice for those wanting a more offensively-aligned game.


    The impressive thing with the Pro Carbon paddle is that it gives professional quality play at nearly a quarter of the price of a professional-caliber paddle.


    Unfortunately, much of that quality tends to degrade as the rubber degrades, but most users reported that the speed remained and may require replacing the rubber after a couple of months of play. Still, at this price, the Stiga Pro Carbon makes for a great intermediate paddle.

    The first paddle we will look at is the best value of the eight we will rank. The STIGA Titan gives players great control at a comparatively wallet-friendly price, making it great for the newer player.


    This is a great paddle for players just entering serious play, especially if those players are focusing on defensive play.


    The performance of this paddle can mostly be attributed to the blade. The blade of the Titan has a 5-ply all wooden handle that is specially treated to give it more power than other paddles at its price point.


    Stiga also uses Triumph rubber on the Titan, which is not of the same quality as its more expensive paddles. Also, some users reported durability issues as it was clear that manufacturing quality was not as high as most other Stiga products.


    The Stiga Titan is a well-balanced paddle made by a company with a long-established reputation as one of the global leaders in ping pong equipment. While this paddle does not have the same level of materials as their top of the line paddles, the Titan has much of the same technology as the high-end Stiga paddles.

    Though some ping pong tables come with paddles, players who take the game seriously often prefer buying paddles of their own.


    This set from MAPOL comes with two rackets that help you improve your skills and focus on your game. You get one racket for yourself and one for your competition to help everyone get the same benefits.


    Made from seven individual layers of wood, each padded features a thin layer of sponge on top of the wood. That sponge adds the padding that you need to give your ball a little more spin.


    This layer of padding is also important because it ensures that you hit the ball with the speed and accuracy that you need, no matter where it hits the paddle.


    Designed for players of all skill levels, these paddles also feature a flared handle that gives you more control and helps the handle fit more comfortably in hands of all sizes. Both kids and adults can use these rackets. MAPOL also provides you with a carrying bag.

    Another great entry-level paddle is the Killerspin JET200.


    Priced close to the Stiga Titan and Butterfly 401, this is another good choice for the player just beginning to get more serious about their play. While this paddle lacks the power of the Stiga Titan, its control is slightly better.


    Killerspin is a relative newcomer to ping pong equipment, but they have already earned a reputation of producing high quality and aggressively styled equipment at a good price. While the wood in their 5-ply blade is not treated in the same way as the Stiga Titan, the blade does hold up well to play as few users reported any issues with breakage.


    One area where the Jet200 stands out is in the quality of its rubber. Their rubber tends to be fresher than that of its competitors, giving this paddle more control without compromising much spin compared to other paddles at their level.


    While its speed rating of 6 is a little low for a professional grade paddle, for players focused on control and improving their games, this paddle is a great choice.

    Our next choice is more expensive than these entry-level paddles, but is a great choice for those who use a shakehand, or Asian, style of grip on their paddles.


    The DHS Hurricane II is a professional-caliber paddle, which makes its higher price point of a little more palatable for its target market.


    With DHS being a Chinese company, obviously their paddles are going to be geared more towards an Asian style of play.


    The sweet spot on this paddle is closer to the front of the paddle and the rubber is given a slickness that allows for greater spin. As well, the weight of this paddle gives players a feeling of control over the paddle that many paddles lack.


    If there are drawbacks to this paddle, one is that the rubber tends to lose its tackiness quickly and many users prefer lighter paddles. Still, especially for players that want a lot of spin in their game, the DHS Hurricane II is a great choice.

    An intermediate paddle which borders almost on an advanced level paddle, the Killerspin Jet 600 packs a lot into a paddle that just barely reaches a higher end price.


    This is a tournament-level paddle at a price accessible to a player whom is still refining their game.


    The 5-layer construction of the Jet 600 gives it solid power while keeping its weight light for great control. But where this paddle stands out in its rubber. The high tackiness and quality of the rubber gives it the ability to counter spin and return with its own spin.


    The issue that many purchasers of this paddle reported that its power and speed take some getting acclimation. As well, the handle construction tends to make even slight adjustments in your grip much more dramatic in how the paddle feels and responds.


    Even then, the Jet 600 is an incredible paddle for its price and a great choice for those looking for their great premium paddle.

    Another intermediate-level paddle, the Stiga Supreme offers a great lightweight paddle for players looking to step up their games without splurging on a much higher-priced paddle.


    This paddle is great for reactive players looking to focus on defensive play, especially if they are facing players who prefer to play with power.


    Where the Supreme stands out is in its 6th ply in its blade. While most paddles at this price point are still five-ply construction, Stiga adds their Tube Technology to a middle layer, reducing the weight of the paddle significantly and allowing for faster play.


    If there are drawbacks to the Supreme, they have to do with its struggles to produce a lot of power. This limits how far back players can play from the table, which if not for the lightweight allowing for quicker reaction, would make this paddle detrimental to more defensive players.


    Still, its combination of lighter weight makes it a great paddle for players focusing on returns and defense over offense.

    In our opinion, the best paddle on the market right now is the Killerspin JET800. While clearly priced among higher end paddles, the JET800 provides top-line offensive and tournament-level performance.


    This paddle is the choice of many top professional players including almost every top American player and Chinese gold medalist Chen Qi.


    The Jet 800 has a 7-ply wooden blade with carbon fibre layers added for extra durability and return power, giving it a 9.5 rating in that category. As well, its light weight makes allows players to not give up their ability to return while its high-quality, specially treated rubber gives this paddle a strong spin rating for an offensively-aligned aligned paddle.


    If there is a drawback to this paddle beyond its price, it would be that it is quite a step up from most paddles. Many users reported a learning curve in getting used to this paddle.


    Nevertheless, while the JET800 is the most expensive paddle in this review, you clearly get what you pay for as this paddle is both durable and nearly unparalleled in its performance.


    Whether you want to dominate just your basement, or want to be the king of your ping pong club, with a little knowledge, you can determine the best ping paddle for your game and your budget.

    Our Best Choice


    The winner of our hunt for the best ping pong paddle is the STIGA Pro Carbon. Capable of keeping up with all the action, this paddle is perfect for all types of players.

    While cheap and flimsy table tennis paddles are suitable for kids and beginners, once you get more serious, you need a better racket such as the Pro Carbon from STIGA. Made by the same company that has a strong reputation for the products that it makes, this racket helps you improve your performance and take control when standing at the table.

    The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) actually approved this paddle, which means that you can use it when playing in sponsored tournaments. It has a basic design that features a small wooden handle and a bold red hitting surface. All the elements and components work together to create the best table tennis paddle priced at under $100.

    One thing you should consider when choosing a racket is the ratings that it has on a scale of up to 100. The Pro Carbon has a control rating of 80 and a speed rating of 99. You’ll also like that it got a perfect 100 rating in regards to spin.

    The 2mm thick sponge material used on the hitting/striking surface hides the seven individual layers of plywood that make up the racket itself. Each of those thin layers works together to keep the paddle lightweight while also helping you make accurate hits and giving you the speed that you desire.

    The Pro Carbon also uses some rubber in its design, which helps the ball bounce off the paddle without sticking to the striking surface during intense games.