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    What could be better than having your very own pool table? Instead of throwing away quarters at the local bar or pub, you can now improve your game and have fun with loved ones in the comfort of your own home. While there are a number of pool tables out there, the one we kept coming back to was the Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool Table.

    With its sleek design and contemporary lines, this is the type of table that will turn heads and amaze your guests. The top lifts off to reveal an elegant pool table, but when you add a few benches, you can enjoy meals on this table too.

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    Best Pool Tables

    Every pool table is a little different, which is why you need to look over our list of the things to look for in a pool table to make sure you bring home the best one.

    Commercial Design vs. Home Design

    Combo Models


    Slate Tables

    Felt Color

    Felt Strength

    Top Rails

    Leg Design

    Pool Cues

    Top 15 Pool Table Reviews

    Buying a pool table is a serious investment in terms of both money and time because you need to spend quite a bit on the table and spend even more time setting it up. Hathaway offers a convenient model for those who want to save money and space. The Fairmont has a low retail price and a folding design.


    When you buy a standard table, you might pick the right location in your home for it because moving it later is quite hard. At just six-feet long, this model is much smaller in size and will take up less of your valuable space. If you need to move it for any reason, two adults can easily pick it up and transport it.


    You’ll also find that you can fold down this table too. It has two legs located on each end with a large metal panel between the two that functions as a cross beam. This adds more stability to the table and will keep it from falling down or tipping over.


    The Fairmont also has a somewhat funky design that incorporates a blue cloth material on the top and some silver accents. Though the table itself has a black finish, inlays on the rails use the same silver material to help you figure out where to put your cue based on your shot. The manufacturer used the same material on the corners two, which have drop down pockets that keep the balls safely stored as you play.


    Thanks to a 180-day warranty, you can return the table for a full refund and get your money back. The warranty covers the table itself and all the included accessories. Hathaway gives you a full set of a full set of colored and striped balls, table brush, ball rack, cue sticks and chalk.

    Harvil lets you bring a touch of the great outdoors into your home with this Beachcomber pool table. From the pale wood used in the cabinet to the blue covering on the top, this table will remind you of a day on the beach. It has all the top features that you want in a pool table too.


    Made from a fiber wood material, the cabinet on this table features a soft finish that uses lighter shades of white and gray to recreate the look of driftwood. The tetolon cloth used on the playing surface features a bright blue color designed to look like the water. This cloth works with the wood beneath to create a surface that is completely flat and won’t warp over time.


    Many of the accents on the Beachcomber have a shiny chrome finish that adds to the look of the table. You’ll find bumpers around the pockets that keep stray balls in check and levelers in the same finish on each leg. With those levelers, you can safely set up the table and play on uneven floors.


    Harvil gives you loads of accessories that work with this table too such as two pool cues that will last for years. You also get two chalk cubes that let you create the smooth surface that you want on your cues. This set features a table brush, a ball rack and a full set of balls too.


    Each of the pockets on this table has a drop design that lets you sink a shot without worrying about where the balls go. Those pockets are deep enough to accommodate two or more balls. You don’t need to remove them until you rack up the set for your next game.


    If you want a pool table with a funky and unique look, this is the one for you.

    You can add a touch of class and elegance to your home and have fun with loved ones with this Masterton billiards table, which lets you play all your favorite games. Unlike other models that use a green material, EastPoint Sports chose a softer cream material for this table. That color helps tone down the darker wood used in other parts of the table.


    The classic design of the Masterton applies to both the legs and all other parts of the table. Those legs feature a traditional design that shows an animal paw holding onto a small ball. The manufacturer also chose darker woods for the table that add to its expensive and luxurious look.


    Located around the top of the Masterton is a rail system that features inlays designed to help you decide where to place your cue and how to line up a hit. Each rail also has a coating that is resistant to scratches and other damage that can occur as the cues rub against the surface.


    In between each piece in the rail system is a pocket with a leather holder beneath. Those dark leather pockets ensure that the balls go inside and not over the side of the table. Each one is large enough for larger hands to slip inside and retrieve those balls too.


    Another top feature of the Masterton is the built-in levelers. You’ll find one on each leg that you can adjust in seconds to make sure the top is completely flat. This keeps balls from rolling across the table before you play.


    EastPoint Sports includes all the accessories that you need with this table too such as a brush for wiping down the cloth before you play. You also get two pool sticks with blue chalk and a set of balls that fits inside the included rack.

    With this Dynamo pool table, you can turn your home into a diner or your favorite pub. As a commercial model, it comes with a panel on the front that accepts dollar bills and other forms of paper money.


    Buttons next to this panel let players select a new game and tell the table when to dispense the balls.


    Thanks to a coin slot on the front, you can relive all those games you played in a pool hall or bowling alley in the past. This simple slot accepts change like quarters and dimes. You even have the option of deciding how much you want to charge for a single game.


    New rails designed by Dynamo add an interesting level of play to this table. Those rails are strong enough to support anyone leaning over the side without breaking and keep your balls from flying off too. The rails push those balls back towards the center of the table for longer games.


    Also included are fasteners that keep the rubber pockets attached to the table. Even if you send a ball flying into the corner pocket, those fasteners will keep the pockets from snapping or breaking.

    Recreate the excitement of playing in a pool hall without worrying about carrying around extra cash with this Great American Monarch pool table, which also functions as a billiards table.


    It comes with the classic green felt that so many players love as well as a softer wood finish and bold black legs. The angled design of those legs add more support to the table.


    A single piece of slate added beneath the felt adds to the stability of the table too. This slate piece ensures that the table stays flat and lets your balls move smoothly across the surface.


    A piece of clear plastic material added to the front lets you see all the balls that you hit inside the table and allows you to keep track of those balls too.


    As this is a home model, it doesn’t lock your balls inside. Each time you hit a ball, it drops from the corner to the side and runs down an internal rail to reach the storage area.


    The next time you want to play, simply tuck your hand inside to pull out those balls, add the balls to your rack and use the cue ball to send those balls flying across the table.

    Create a bold statement in your home with this Minnesota Falls Fullerton table. Minnesota Fats ranks among the top pool players in history, and this table comes with everything he loved about playing.


    It even has red felt on top, which sets it apart from other models and works nicely with the fake leather covers over the pockets.


    Also setting this model apart is its overall design. Made from a type of deep and dark wood, it will catch the eye of anyone who enters your rec room or game room.


    Uniquely designed pockets hang over each corner and along the sides of the table to catch your balls, making it easy to see where all your balls are the next time that you play.


    This set comes with some great accessories that make it easy for you to play too. You’ll get two pool cues that you can use for hitting the included balls, which come in both solids and stripes to help you play against an opponent.


    You also get your own rack for setting up the balls, chalk for keeping score as you play and a brush that you can easily use for wiping away crumbs or removing other debris from the top.

    Measuring nearly eight-feet long, the Black Cat from Valley is a great table for those who like the look of professional tables but can’t spare the space in their own homes.


    This model also has a unique combination of colors that will add a little fun to your game room. The darker color of felt, which is almost burgundy in color, pairs nicely with the black finish of the table and the silver accents along the top and sides.


    Unlike some of the home models that require you grab the balls from the pockets each time you play, the Black Cat has its own ball return system.


    Rails placed near the pockets allow the balls to drop from each pocket to one of the rails, which will then push the ball into the return system. All those balls keep dropping and rolling until reaching the ball storage area, which you can access on the front of the table.


    Valley added some great features to this pool table like a type of Teflon cloth that is resistant to stains. You can play with your klutziest of friends without worrying that they might stain the felt.


    Players will also like the durable slanted legs used in each corner, which come with levelers that you can easily use to adjust the height of the table based on who plays.

    While most of the tables on our list are suitable for use inside, what happens if you want to play outside? With this Playcraft mode, you can now enjoy all the fun of billiards while outside.


    Though it comes in pieces, the manufacturer gives you easy to follow instructions that help you get the table assembled and ready in a few hours or less.


    Made from aluminum, this table is light enough that you can actually pick it up and move it to a new spot on your lawn or patio. That aluminum is extremely durable though and can stand up to most environmental dangers.


    Even if you keep it stored outside during the rainy season or the winter, it should still be ready to go the next time that you want to play.


    The Polytech cloth used on the top mimics the look and feel of traditional felt but is a little more durable. This material is actually resistant to UV rays and won’t fade, which means it will retain its bright blue color for years to come.


    To ensure that you love this table, Playcraft includes some accessories like pool cues, balls and a rack. You’ll also like the included black cover, which you can drape over the top to protect the fabric and surface of the table.

    As much as you love the idea of having a pool table, you probably wonder if you really have enough space. Fusion designed this pool table and dining table for those with limited space.


    While it comes with everything you need to play a game of pool, the lid actually snaps right back into place for using this as a dining room or kitchen table.


    Its patented design includes a small void that sits between the felt and the lid. That void is just large enough for storing your cues, balls and even rack. Once you put the lid back on though, no one will ever guess that this is a pool table.


    Nylon pockets on each corner sit flush with the table and won’t poke out when it’s in dining mode. The nylon pockets expand slightly to keep your balls from flying off the table and then move right back into place after you remove those balls.


    With clean lines and a cool design, this pool table and dining table is suitable for any type of home. You can customize the way it looks with chairs and benches of your choosing too.

    Most pool tables require so much space that you assume you don’t have room in your home for one, but this mini pool table lets you play wherever you go. As it sits right on any table or surface, you can play on your kitchen or coffee table and on top of the desk in your office. Our top choice for the best mini pool table is this one because you can grab it and take it with you to play a few quick games while on vacation.


    Despite its smaller size, this table comes with the same accessories and features as full-size models do. It has six pockets that include one in each corner and two along the sides. Those pockets all have reinforcements that keep balls and shots from breaking the table.


    Made from the same green felt used on full-size tables, the felt on this one has smoother and flatter design that you won’t scratch when taking a shot. Measuring just 20.25-inches long and 12.25-inches wide, this model is small enough for you to tuck right inside a drawer.


    As a complete game set, this model comes with two pool cues that let you compete against yourself or another player. You also get blue chalk that you can apply to the end of your cue to get a nice finish that lets you make better shots.


    This set even comes with a complete set of balls. When you play against another pool shark, you have your choice between stripes and solids. All of the balls fit inside the miniature rack.


    Another nice feature of this table is that all the pockets connect back to a central ball system. Whenever you make a shot, the ball drops into a pocket and moves through the system before landing in a central pocket. That feature, which lets you retrieve and rack them up for your next game, is one reason why this is the best mini pool table.

    Finding a good pool table for your kids and their friends is easier than you might think because you have so many great options such as this folding billiard table from Costzon. You no longer need to sacrifice space just so your kids can have a good time because this model actually folds down. Once completely folded, you can tuck it into a closet or let your child store it under his or her bed.


    To fold this table, you simply flip it over and fold the legs flat. When you unfold those legs later, you can apply some pressure until you hear a soft snap that lets you know they locked into place. Busy parents will like that their kids can set up and fold down this table on their own.


    Kids playing billiards will find that this table lets them recreate the fun that their adults have while playing. The green top cloth mimics the look of a real pool table felt. They can use the included brush to remove debris and dust from the surface before playing too.


    Also included is a triangular rack made from durable plastic and a set of 16 balls. Those balls all use a resin material that can stand up to tumbles off the table and powerful shots. Kids can use all 16 balls when playing with friends.


    Costzon also provides you with two cues and two powdered chalk cubes. Kids can have fun using the powder on their cues before taking their shots.


    This is a good model for kids because of the low price tag and the durable legs. You can buy this table for less than most others cost. With the durable legs, you can feel confident in letting your kids play alone too because the table won’t fall over on them.

    Empire USA makes our list one last time with The Clawson, which is also part of its Signature Series. If you want a table that lets you experiment with different felt types, this is your best bet.


    The Clawson comes with three pieces of slate that measure one-inch thick and add the slick surface that you want, but Empire USA gives you the option of adding your own felt or cloth.


    Robust legs that look like the feet of a lion or another majestic creature sit at each corner. Though the legs have a slightly curved design, each one offers more than enough support and will keep the table from leaning to one side. Empire USA used a rich cherry finish on almost all elements, including the legs, sides and rails.


    Those rails are slightly shorter than the rails found on other tables but have a design that angles the rails in towards the table.


    When the ball strikes the rail, it gently forces the ball back to the middle of the table to help you set up your next shot. You’ll also like that the manufacturer made each pocket from real leather to withstand even the fiercest of shots that you knock into one of those pockets.

    While the Imperial Eliminator may not look like your standard pool table, this is a great option for those on a budget.


    Priced well below some of the other models on our list, it comes with features that make it perfect for your rec room like adjustable leg levers. Use those levers to easily adjust the legs and to change the height of the table for playing with kids or adults.


    The Eliminator comes with drop pockets that work with its internal ball system to reduce the time that you spend fumbling to pull those balls out of each pocket.


    The pockets have holes that let the balls drop to a rail that moves each ball to a storage area on the front of the table. You can reach in and grab all the balls at one time.


    Instead of wood rails, Imperial added metal rails to this model that add a little extra spring or bounce to help you get more out of each shot. Imperial also lets you add your own color or type of felt to the top.

    Valley has a good reputation for the commercial pool tables that it makes, but this model, which is better suited for home use, isn’t quite as dependable as its commercial models.


    It does, however, come in several different sizes, which lets you pick the perfect size based on the amount of space available in your home.


    Though you might think this is a wood table, it actually has a heavy-duty metal frame that can withstand almost any pressure from people sitting or lounging on the top.


    A type of wood laminate added to that metal makes it look more like real hardwood. That laminate even has a realistic wood grain pattern like the wood grain you would see on cherry wood.


    Also included is a Teflon fabric that that covers the Brazilian slate beneath. This bright green felt has a classic look but is more resistant to stains that traditional pool table fabrics are.


    To make playing even easier, Valley added a ball return system that has its own ball drops or chutes in each pocket. This design reduces the risk that balls might stick inside the pockets and lets you easily reach those balls from the open window on the front.

    This dual coin operated pool table from Shelti is similar to the last model but comes in a charcoal finish. That deeper and darker finish picks up and highlights the green felt on top.


    It also comes with squat legs in a dark color that work with the charcoal finish to create a cooler and more modern looking table.


    One of the best features of this pool table is that it lets you set your own pricing. You can actually go in and change how much it costs to play a single game.


    This is great for playing fun games with friends or for ensuring that everyone contributes a little when you play, and the bill acceptor slot on the front can take paper bills and produce change for players.


    Another great feature is the locking ball system that keeps the balls locked up until a player adds some money. You can use the include key to release those balls and to empty out the cash or change the amount it costs to play.


    When you knock a ball into one of the pockets, the ball drops into the return system and then locks those balls until you add some money and play again.

    Our Favorite Pool Tables


    Billiards Table Buying Guide

    Find The Perfect Billiard Tables in Minutes

    We have reviewed our top 15 choices below and also done in-depth reviews by brands, but if you are in a rush:

    • Empire USA Signature Series Billiard pool table; Fully hand crafted legs and frame and solid maple wood
    • Each table comes with a set of 3 pcs 1" thickness slate with wood packing for super easy felt installation
    • One set of high quality leather pocket is included with the table to make it a complete setup
    • check
      This table is designed with DIY installation friendly, professional installation is always recommended
    Playing billiards is one of the best ways to spend a rainy afternoon, but this game is so much fun that you might head out to a local hall a few times a year to play.
    Instead of throwing away money in a pool hall or at an arcade, why not save some money and invite your friends over to play on your very own billiards table?

    After looking at quite a few of these tables, we picked the Empire USA Signature Series The Clawson Pool Table with 1-Inch Slate Top as our favorite.

    With a thick slate on top and hardwood legs on the base, this table is great for simple games among friends and hard-core tournaments.


    How to Choose the Ultimate Billiards Table

    Type of Play

    Table Surface


    Combination Tables


    Pocket Material



    Included Accessories

    Top Rated Billiards Tables on the Market

    We ranked the Empire USA Signature Series The Clawson Pool Table with 1-Inch Slate Top at the top of our list of billiards tables because it features a classic look that will fit in any game room.


    Between the bright green felt on top, the curved paw legs and dark wood stain, this is the type of table you play on while sipping a drink on the rocks or smoking from a pipe. Those large legs also do an amazing job of adding stability to the table and preventing wobbles.


    The Clawson uses heavy-duty leather pockets, making it one of the only we found with real leather pockets, and that leather keeps the balls from bouncing back out.


    Bumpers and rails added to the top of the table give you just the right amount of spin or bounce when doing trick shots. Empire USA makes assembling this table so easy that you can do it yourself.

    When you think of legendary pool players, Minnesota Fats probably ranks near the top of your list, and this Fullerton Billiard Table pays homage to that great player.


    It has the type of classic and elegant look that will work in your home for years to come and will make others want to play a game. Its design includes panels of wood veneer in a deep cherry finish and a red felt top that picks up on the red in that finish.


    Its four legs are thicker at the top and taper down to a narrower point to give you added stability while matching the traditional look of the table, and it comes built-in levelers on each leg.


    The only reason it missed our top spot is because it uses a synthetic leather on the pockets that cannot compete with real leather.

    With bold colors and a unique design, this Donovan II Billiard Table from Mizerak will become the focal point of any room.


    Instead of sticking with traditional green, this table comes with a red fabric on the top that can hold up well during longer games, sleek metal accents on the corner pockets and a black finish on the table itself, which creates a table that would look right at home in any casino. Metal levelers on the base let you adjust up to all four legs to compensate for uneven areas.


    Thicker rails coated in rubber along the top put more bounce on balls when you break and make it easier to perform trick shots. The drop pockets let you sink balls without worrying about the balls coming out and stores those balls until it’s time for a new game. Mizerak gives you balls, sticks, chalk and a rack too.

    With the Reno II Billiard/Pool Game Table in your game room, all your friends will look forward to your next party because Fat Cat designed this table with features like beveled legs and rubber bumpers.


    Those bumpers function like rails to keep balls from leaving the table, but the bumpers also provide just the right amount of bounce to help you land trickier shots. The table features maple veneers on the exterior and legs as well as a rich cherry finish that highlights the red fabric on top.


    Though you might think the legs on this table are solid, each one actually has levelers hidden inside that make it easier to adjust the height of the table as needed, and the pockets store your balls between plays.


    Fat Cat gives you lots of accessories like a brush for cleaning the rails and chalk for use with the two included pool sticks.

    If you love all the games that come with combo tables but want one that is a little more solid,  we recommend this Pocket 3-in-1 Air Hockey, Billiards and Table Tennis Table from Fat Cat.


    Fat Cat designed this table to meet all the standards of its full billiards tables to ensure that you get years of play out of it. The Pocket is available with either a traditional green felt on top or a more unique blue felt on the surface.


    Designed to save on space, this table comes with a unique top that features six pockets across the top for playing billiards, but that table flips over to become an air hockey table.


    You can also cover the surface with a separate top for attaching a net to play a quick game of table tennis. The Pockey even comes with built-in storage on the bottom and side for storing pucks, balls and other accessories.

    Not everyone looking for a billiards table wants one that will stand out and take center stage in a room, which is why some will like this Fat Cat Frisco II 7.5-Foot Billiard/Pool Game Table, which features neutral colors to make the table match any room or decorating style.


    Those neutral colors include both a lighter and darker finish on the base cabinet and a rich chocolate brown felt on the top. The darker brown fringe surrounding each pocket matches back to that finish too.


    White inlays in the shape of diamonds along the edges helps break up the brown shades, and those edges work with the rubber bumpers to keep all the balls in play on the table.


    Fat Cat added French-drop pockets that stick out slightly from the table to secure any ball you sink and to keep those balls from scratching, denting or otherwise damaging the wood.

    Another option from Hathaway is this Hustler Pool Table with a unique design that will make you feel like Paul Newman during friendly games.


    We think this is one of the most unusual billiards tables currently available because it comes with a black cabinet/base and a bright blue felt that works with the arched base to give the table an almost futuristic design.


    Thanks to its integrated ball retrieval system, you can now easily grab all the balls sank by players without digging into each individual pocket.


    At seven-foot long, the Hustler takes up a little less space but will still make you feel like the ultimate pool shark. Cushions made from gum rubber give balls more bounce and spin when you break, and laminate top rails can withstand the pressure of fast shots.


    The included 57-inch pool sticks are the perfect size for this table, and Hathaway also gives you a table brush, rack, balls and chalk.

    Few billiards tables have a look as elegant and classy as this Barrington Claw Leg Billiar Table from Barrington Billiards does.


    Those oversize feet, which look like animal paws with sharp claws, keep the table at the perfect height for tournament or everyday play and ensure that people leaning over or sitting on the table won’t knock it over. The dark finish of the wood used on the sides and legs complements the bright green felt on top too.


    Each of the six cloth pockets has an outer covering that mimics the look of leather, and this pockets do an amazing job of keeping the balls in place until you need to rack again.


    This table also comes will all necessary accessories for playing, including striped and solid balls, a plastic rack, cue ball and two cue sticks for taking shots.

    Mizerak lets you play dozens of games without wasting a lot of space in your home with its Dynasty Space Saver Billiard Table. Measuring 6.5-feet long, this table gives plenty of room for setting up your next shot without getting the way of another player and without taking up as much space as standard tables do.


    A type of green nylon added to the top mimics the look of felt, and the table comes with leg levelers that help you compensate for uneven flooring.


    Rails around the edges use rubber instead of wood or metal to give each ball a little more bounce, and the integrated ball return system makes it easy to find all those balls to set up the table for your next game.


    Though it uses MDF on top instead of slate, it does come with cues, balls, cue chalk and a triangle for racking those balls.

    Hathaway makes another appearance on our list of billiards tables with its Maverick, which functions as both a pool table and a table tennis table.


    It comes with a lightweight green top that lets you set the table up for a ping pong match. You’ll also get a net that easily attaches to the top, two ping pong paddles and a few extra balls.


    Though made from MDF, which isn’t as durable as hardwood or slate, this table features a thick edge that serves as a railing to keep breaks and standard shots from shooting balls off the top and red felt that won’t break as easily as normal fabric can.


    Chrome caps on each corner keep the balls from striking and damaging the MDF, and silver laminate on the edges matches back to the chrome. You’ll also like the arched design along the bottom and the built-in leg levelers.

    The JOOLA Inside Table is a great ping pong table for the beginning player or someone that needs a table that they can get out of the way easily. Priced below four hundred dollars, this ping pong table is ideal for the family or office that wants a table that they can get out of the way when not in use.


    The  Joola Inside Table  offers a professional-grade playing surface with its 5/8ths inch wood composite table surface supported by 1.5 inch steel legs that enable this table to be folded up to a compact size quickly when you need to store it.


    It also can if needed be turned into two free standing tables if needed for entertaining. This also makes the table easier to move as it can become two lighter sections as opposed to one heavy and potentially cumbersome table.


    At this low of a price, even for a table meant to be a recreational table to go in your garage or basement, unfortunately many customers reported issues with its ability to hold up over time. But if looking for a great choice for those looking for a ping pong table that offers both flexibility and economy.

    This Phoenix Billiard Table with Table Tennis Top will appeal to anyone setting up a game room or man cave as well as those who have children at home.


    At seven-foot long, it’s large enough that people can cluster around to watch a game in progress without getting in the way. Though it isn’t a traditional combination table, it does come with a table tennis top that you can lay right on top for playing ping pong as well as paddles, balls and a net.


    Billiards players will like that the table features six pockets around the edges, a bright green felt top and a ball retrieval system that sends each ball hit into a pocket into a center storage area on one side.


    Sturdy legs come with base levelers for fast adjustments, and you get cue sticks, balls, a rack and chalk too.

    While this Hathaway Fairmont 6 ft. Portable Pool Table isn’t great for those who take billiards  seriously, it is a good option for those who need more room.


    As this is a completely portable table, you can actually break it down into smaller pieces for convenient storage in your closet or under your bed before a party or a family dinner. That portable design also makes this a good choice for those who want to take it on vacation or a friend’s house.


    Despite its portable design, it does come with some nice features like metal pieces around each pocket that help the ball sink and stay inside those pockets and a bright blue felt on top that offers a fun twist on the traditional green felt color.


    Hathaway also added melamine rails to the top of the table and levelers on the bottom of each leg for easy adjustments.

    Take your love of pool and billiards with you to a hotel room, family reunion, school and anywhere else you go with this HLC 55” Folding Space Saver Billiard Table.


    Though we love that the lightweight design is perfect for those on the go, we couldn’t rank it any higher because this table is pretty flimsy when compared to standard billiards tables.


    While it might not be great for playing with friends at home, it’s great for those times when you want to get in a quick game.


    This table works in the same way as a folding card table does and includes two sets of folding legs that actually fold flat for storing the table, but those legs have brackets that keep the legs from folding as you play.


    The table also features six pockets made from synthetic leather, a blue cloth top and a thin rail around the edges.

    Though we included this Playcraft Sport Bank Shot 40-Inch Pool Table on our list, we put it at the very bottom because it doesn’t offer as many features as other tables and because it’s best for kids.


    At just 40-inches long, this table is much too small for most adult players, but that small size is great for kids just learning how to play. As it costs so much less than comparable tables, you won’t mind if your kids scratch the cloth or damage the finish either.


    Made from MDF, it comes with a cabinet made from a type of laminate in a cherry finish that mimics the look of real wood.


    The small pockets can hold the balls during games and between games, though you may find that the pockets aren’t big enough to hold more than one ball at a time. Playcraft offers this table in a blue and red option too.

    Our Top Choice For Billiard Tables


    The best table we found for billiards is the Empire USA Signature Series The Clawson Pool Table with 1-Inch Slate Top, which combines everything you love about a pool table with all the top features of a billiards table.

    It comes with large legs on each corner that look like lion’s paws and use a wood construction to ensure that your table never wobbles when making an important shot. You’ll get a one-inch slate for use on the surface that comes in three pieces for easy installation.

    Measuring eight-foot long, this table will make your home feel like a real pool hall, and you can customize its look with felt of a different color. This table also ranked number one on our list because it comes with pockets made from heavy-duty leather. Those pockets ensure that once you sink a shot, that ball stays sunk and won’t come back out.

    Other Game Tables You Might Want:

    We hope you enjoyed our billiards and pool table selection above. Since a lot of our readers also like to buy other game tables, we have put up our table tennis reviews here. Check it out and let us know what you think.