15 Best Shuffleboard Tables For Your Home

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    • Options that let you pick the wood veneer you want
    • It comes with a durable clear cot on top that is easy to maintain too.
    • The three-inch thick surface on top is slick and keeps your pucks sliding smoothly

    Recreate all the fun and excitement that you had playing shuffleboard on a resort vacation or a cruise ship with a shuffleboard table for your home.

    These tables come with features that recreate the look and feel of a shuffleboard court. As you do not need to bend or stoop over though, you’ll find that you can play longer and compete in tournaments against friends.

    Our hunt for the ultimate shuffleboard table led us to the Champion Bank Shot Shuffleboard Table. Measuring seven-foot long, this table takes up less space than its competitors and can fit in almost any room in your home.

    An electronic scoring system keeps accurate records of each shot, and with its customization options, you can design this shuffleboard table to match the design of your home.

    How to Choose the Perfect Shuffleboard Table

    Though a shuffleboard table will let you play this treasured game at home without constantly bending over, you should look over our list before you hunt for one to get an idea of how to choose one.


    Indoor vs. Outdoor Use

    Table Thickness

    Wood Type

    Climatic Adjusters

    Surface Coating

    Surface Curvature

    Scoring System

    We recommend looking at some of the newer electronic shuffleboard tables that come with a built-in electronic scoring system. This system automatically keeps track of your score as you play.

    Top Rated Shuffleboard Tables on the Market

    1. Champion Bank Shot Shuffleboard Table

    After looking at different shuffleboard tables, it didn’t take long for this Champion Bank Shot Shuffleboard Table to reach the top of our list.


    Though this is the most professional looking table we saw, it’s also the shortest at just seven-feet long, which helps you play shuffleboard without needing as much space. Valley-Dynamo even lets you customize this table with different stickers and colors as well as your choice of either a maple veneer or oak veneer.


    The main reason you’ll love this table is because it comes with an electronic scoring system that uses bright lights and colors to indicate when a player scores.


    Weighing nearly 500 pounds, this table won’t shift or shake when you take a shot like others do, and it comes with a three-inch thick surface that stays smooth after hundreds of plays. Valley-Dynamo gives you table wax for maintaining that slick surface too.

    2. Playcraft Telluride Pro-Style Shuffleboard Table with Electronic Scorer

    Though you’ll see Playcraft a few times on our list of the best shuffleboard tables, its Telluride Pro-Style Shuffleboard Table with Electronic Scorer is easily the best one the company makes. Seeing this table might remind you of all the times you played air hockey in the local arcade.


    It comes with a 24-inch electronic scorer that hangs from a curved metal rod over the top of the table to ensure that all players can clearly see the score, and a Lexan face covering the front keeps the scorer safe from errant shots.


    The 22-foot long model is best for serious players because this is the regulation size the professional players use daily. It has carpeted gutters and side walls to keep the eight included pucks from damaging the table and a built-in storage shelf on one of its six legs. Levelers on each leg make adjusting the slope and height of the table easy.

    3. Snap-Back Tavern Shuffleboard Table

    From Snap-Back Shuffleboard comes this Snap-Back Tavern Shuffleboard Table, which has the type of simple and traditional design that would make it look right at home in any tavern or pub.


    It comes with an electronic scoring system that detects where the puck lands and automatically adjusts the score during each play to help you see who is winning. The table even has two clearly marked areas on the opposite end of the table that gives each player or team a place to stand and shoot.


    Though it uses MDF construction, we like that it also features multiple layers of wood veneer on top that give it some extra stability and its UV coating, which keeps the sun from fading the decorations on the surface. Instead of using pedestal legs, it comes with four larger legs for added durability, and each leg has its own leveler on the bottom.

    4. Hathaway Challenger Shuffleboard

    Your friends and family might feel a little jealous after playing a few games on this Hathaway Challenger Shuffleboard Table.


    Though it comes in multiple sizes, the nine-foot size is the best because it lets you enjoy all the fun of the game without getting in the way of everything you do when not playing. It comes in a rich walnut finish that carries over from the cabinet to the legs that will match with all your decor.


    This table comes with four pucks in red and four pucks in blue for more easily identifying where your pucks go and how many points you score, and clear lines at the end show you exactly how many points you get based on where your puck lands.


    The only thing you may not like is that it uses a traditional score keeper on the side of the table that requires you manually keep track of points.

    5. Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table

    Another Playcraft model that we like is this Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table,  which measures 14-foot long and gives you more room to watch others play and move around the table.


    The Woodbridge has a more classic look that includes a rich espresso finish and leg levelers in an antique bronze/brass finish that makes this look like a shuffleboard table from an old pub, and one of those legs has some built-in storage. Those levelers also make it easy to adjust the table to compensate for sloped or uneven floors.


    Designed to look like a butcher block with multiple layers of wood, this table features glue around the edges of that wood for added strength.


    A built-in rail running along the edge of the table absorbs the shocks caused by the puck hitting the table to prevent scratches and other damage. You’ll also appreciate the clear scoring markers and manual scoring abacus.

    6. Playcraft Extera 12' Outdoor Shuffleboard Table Snap-Back Tavern Shuffleboard Table

    When creating our list of the best shuffleboard tables, we decided to add the Extera 12′ Outdoor Shuffleboard Table Snap-Back Tavern Shuffleboard Table from Playcraft for those who want to play outside without putting down a traditional shuffleboard court.


    This table is perfect for the great outdoors because you can assemble and take it apart quickly and because it comes with weighted pucks that won’t slide off the table when the wind passes by. Playcraft made the frame from aluminum that can withstand weather conditions better than wood can.


    You’ll get some extra accessories like a canister of speed wax for keeping the surface smooth and a wax brush for applying that wax.


    Playcraft also gives you a weatherproof cover that connects to the table from the bottom of the frame. This keeps the cover from flying off and keeps rain and snow away from your table to protect the surface.

    7. Playcraft Coventry Shuffleboard Table

    This Playcraft Coventry Shuffleboard Table makes our list because of its great design, which mixes contemporary with traditional for a look that will work in any home.


    That design features wood left in its natural state along the center and wood coated in a rich cherry shade on the ends, and all the wood features a dependable clear coat that will protect the surfaces, edges and sides from scratches, chips and other damage. The three legs on the bottom have an arched design that adds to its elegant appeal.


    Playcraft added an abacus to each end for easy scoring, and each one features a different wood color to help you keep track of your scoring area.


    We recommend the 14-foot long size because it gives you more space to play on and slightly increases the difficulty of the game. You’ll get accessories for playing too like colored pucks in red and blue.

    8. Playcraft Georgetown Shuffleboard Table

    If you love the look of Playcraft shuffleboard tables but dislike the darker shades available, you’ll like this Georgetown Shuffleboard Table, which measures 14-feet long and comes in a softer honey finish.


    That soft finish can make this table the focal point of your rec room or help it blend with the surroundings furnishings and decorations. Dark edges help tone down the shade and give this more of an antique or vintage look.


    Playcraft gives you a set of blue pucks and a set of red pucks that really pop against the soft finish on the surface, and that surface has dedicated blocks that show you how many points you get.


    Each end also has its own abacus for keeping track of scores without keeping pen and paper nearby. Use the levelers on the bottom of each leg to ensure you have an even playing field during any game.

    9. 12' Signature Shuffleboard Table with Butcher Block Playfield

    Make the most of family game night or a night with your friends with this 12” Signature Shuffleboard Table with Butcher Block Playfield.


    That playing field consists of multiple layers of wood laid next to each other and then trimmed to the right size, which makes the surface look like a butcher block table, but those individual pieces of wood also add to the lifespan of the table. Three pedestal legs add to the durability of the table, and one of those legs has some hidden storage tucked inside.


    Levers on the bottom of each leg make this table easier to set up and use too. If you play on uneven floors, you can simply adjust those levers to change the height of each individual leg and to make the surface as even and level as possible. Also included is wax for easy maintenance of the table and eight pucks.

    10. FamilyPoolFun 14 Foot Shuffleboard Table in Dark Cherry

    If you have extra space in your home, consider springing for the FamilyPoolFun 14 Foot Shuffleboard Table in Dark Cherry. Made by Blue Wave, this table features one of the slickest surfaces that we found to ensure that your puck glides easily, and you can easily maintain that surface and even add a fresh coat of sealant when needed.


    The top features a great design with curved metal pieces around the corners that keep your pucks from flying off the table and dedicated markings that show you where to shoot your puck and how many points you scored.


    Blue Wax provides you with a canister of table wax and a brush for more easily applying an even coating of that wax to your table. Levelers on each of the two pedestal legs help you compensate for uneven floors, and score keepers on both ends let you keep accurate count of each point scored.

    11. Shuffleboard Table 12 Ft Set Hardwood Block Surface Home Game in Dark Cherry

    Blue Wave makes some great shuffleboard tables, and we think this 12 Ft. Set Hardwood Block Surface Home Gaming Table in Dark Cherry is one of the best you can buy for under $1,000.


    While it may lack an electronic scoring system, it does come with some nice features like blocks at the end that show you how many points you earn based on where your puck stops. You’ll get a set of pucks in red and a separate set in blue for playing against a single person or playing as teams.


    The dark cherry finish on this table adds a nice touch and really highlights the light colors found on the wood surface, which has a clear coat to prevent common types of damage. You’ll find manual score keepers on each end of the board and levelers on the two pedestal legs for raising the height and changing the angle of the table.

    12. Blue Wave 9' Shuffleboard in Dark Cherry

    With this 9′ Shuffleboard Table in Dark Cherry from Blue Wave in your basement or rec room, all your friends will want to come over to hang out and play a few games.


    At nine-feet long, this is one of the shorter tables that you’ll find, and its shorter length gives you more room for hanging out and entertaining. Built-in climate adjusters help you easily change the curve of the table and eliminate problems caused by warping.


    The table comes with a polyurethane coating that keeps the surface slick and smooth for more accurate shots and levelers on each leg in a rich antique bronze finish.


    This one landed lower on our list of shuffleboard tables because it uses MDF wood on the table and plywood on the corners, which may not last as long as some would like. The manufacturer gives you a puck case, extra pucks and wood wax.

    13. Carmelli Dark Cherry 9 Foot Shuffleboard Table

    We think this Dark Cherry 9 Foot Shuffleboard Table from Carmelli is a good option for those who like the look of traditional shuffleboard tables but cannot afford to spend the money that those tables usually cost. Measuring nine-feet long and 24-inches wide, it’s the perfect size for both kids and adults.


    The two pedestal legs on the base have levelers for fast adjustments, and one leg has a cabinet door that opens to reveal some extra storage for your wax, pucks and other accessories.


    Carpeting placed along the side walls and on each corner keep your puck from damaging the wood, and the side walls are tall enough to catch the puck before it flies over the top.


    Carmelli added abacus scoring areas to each end and dark black blocks to differentiate between one, two and three point areas. The manufacturer includes a wax brush and speed wax with this shuffleboard table.

    14. Atomic 9 ft. Platinum Shuffleboard Table

    Enjoy everything you love about shuffleboard while still keeping some money in your budget with this Platinum Shuffleboard Table from Atomic, which is a great buy from the money.


    Measuring nine-foot long to take up less space and to ensure that you have plenty of space to move around, this table features pedestal legs for additional stability and levelers on the bottom of the table for use on uneven floors.


    Though it’s cheaper than other shuffleboard tables, it has a nice surface that is slick and smooth because of multiple layers of a poly-coating.


    Two built-in abacus scorers on one side let you and your opponent keep track of your scores, and thanks to the clear markings on each end of the table, you’ll always know how many points you scored with each shot. Atomic added padding around the corners and the side walls to stop damages caused by flying pucks.

    15. MD Sports 8 Foot Poly-Coated Surface Shuffleboard Table with Pucks

    The cheapest and most budget-friendly option on our list is this MD Sports Poly-Coated Surface  Shuffleboard Table that comes with pucks included for easy playing as soon as you take and table out of the box and put it together.


    That poly-coated finish adds a nice slickness to the table that helps your puck go further with a single push. It also comes with a built-in EVA bumper that stops pucks from sliding off the table, though you may find that you prefer a carpeted padding on the inside.


    This table is the perfect example of you get what you pay for because it features a construction made almost entirely from plywood and MDF as well as some paper laminate, and none of those materials will last as long as hardwood. Though it’s not the best option, it’s great for kids and homes where you play shuffleboard less often.

    Best Choice: Champion Bank Shot Shuffleboard Table


    No matter how many shuffleboard tables we looked at, we just couldn’t look away from the Champion Bank Shot Shuffleboard Table.

    Valley-Dynamo, the manufacturer behind this table, offers customization options that let you pick the wood veneer you want, and you can opt for different wood stains and stickers to further decorate the table.

    With its electronic scoring system, you’ll always know who is ahead, which can cut down on arguments as you play. The three-inch thick surface on top is slick and keeps your pucks sliding smoothly.

    It comes with a durable clear cot on top that is easy to maintain too.

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