Best Atomic Shuffleboard Table Reviews

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    What do you envision when you read the world “shuffleboard”? Do you, in your mind’s eye, see a gaggle of grannies gathered around a large, numbered rectangle in the gym? If so, you should probably know that shuffleboard is no longer just for the gym, and it indeed isn’t only for seniors.

    In fact, you can own your very own shuffleboard table! An atomic shuffleboard table makes a great addition to an entertainment room. But which one should you buy?

    There are quite a few models on the market today, some of which are a bit more expensive than the others. We have found four top-notch models that are made of high-quality materials, and that can comfortably fit into your entertainment room, living room, or basement.

    Top 4 Picks

    1. Playcraft Telluride Pro-Style

    The Playcraft Telluride Pro-Style is one of the most well-crafted and inclusive atomic shuffleboard tables on the market right now.


    It comes in four different length sizes (12 feet, 16 feet, 18 feet, and 22 feet), and you can take your pick between two gorgeous finishes (Espresso and Honey). As a nice bonus, the Playcraft Telluride comes equipped with a 24-inch electric scorer that features a lexan face.


    It has a unique design, with its stunning leg applique and hardwood cradle.


    The side walls are constructed in a way that reduces noise while playing. For a bit of extra stability, there are built-in 3-inch leg levelers that are easy-to-use.


    While this model will cost you a lot (depending on the size that you get), it is one of the most high-quality builds. Also, all playing pieces are included in the package, so you won’t have to order anything separately.


    The only real downfall to purchasing the Playcraft Telluride is that assembly is required, and it is difficult to finagle. Since it is made of solid wood and weighs in at a minimum of 500 pounds, you will need an extra set of hands to help move it to your desired location.


    You also might need to purchase extra wax, as the wax that comes with the table is not the best.


    2. Snap Back Tavern 7′ 

    The Snap Back Tavern 7′ isn’t the biggest model out there, but it is undoubtedly the most nostalgic. In fact, if you don’t have a lot of space, this is the model to buy. It is also one of the more lightweight models, weighing in at 370 pounds.


    The electronic scoreboard has a sporty vibe that looks pretty retro.


    However, there is LED backlighting incorporated into the scoreboard that optimizes readability while playing in low-level lighting conditions. The clear-coated surface has a smooth glide that makes the gameplay fun.


    Leveling the table is the only challenging aspect of getting the Snap Back Tavern set up and ready to play. You will have to work to adjust the leg levelers, and this can be time-consuming. Once you’ve got it set up, though, it’s all smooth sailing.

    3. 3. MD Sports 8′ Poly-Coated Surface

    The MD Sports 8′ is one of the most affordable models you can find.


    While it isn’t the most elaborate model on this list, it is one of the more high-quality models in its price range. It’s also one of the best-looking.


    Its sleek and slim design features an all-black cabinet with metallic trim. The legs are smooth to stabilize thanks to the adjustable levers. Overall, this board has a stable feel to it despite the fact that it isn’t crafted from solid wood.


    Although this is a relatively small model, it is heavy and requires two people to carry it. Once it is set up, its moderate height makes it simple for kids and adults alike to play.


    However, you will have to caution children not to abuse it too much since it is prone to scratches.

    4. Atomic 9′ Platinum

    Last, but certainly not least, is the Atomic 9′ Platinum. It is one of the more budget-friendly models, but it doesn’t compromise on quality. The pedestal-style legs provide maximum stability, and the black cabinet looks incredibly contemporary.


    It comes with a traditional abacus-style scoreboard, all eight pucks, and a can of shuffleboard wax to get you started. Since it is one of the most lightweight models out there (weighing in at under 170 pounds), it is easy to lug around and assemble. On average, assembly should take about an hour to complete.


    The one downside to using this model is that you will have to invest in better wax and apply silicone spray to the surface to optimize the pucks’ maneuverability.


    It should also be noted that this is not a shuffleboard table that should be placed on a covered porch, as it is prone to get knocked around by the wind.

    The Ultimate One For the Money


    If you have the extra cash to drop on the best possible table, opt for the Playcraft Telluride.

    It is a beast to set up, but once you get it in place and have all of the levels adjusted, it will provide hours of entertainment without wear-and-tear. Having the scoreboard be suspended over the middle of it makes it easy for both players to see their scores.

    While it might be tempting to save money and buy an atomic shuffleboard table, you will have a difficult time finding something that is as versatile and well-crafted as the Playcraft Telluride.

    For the price you pay, you get a beautifully-made, highly-durable model that will likely last a lifetime. It has one of the smoothest poured polymer surfaces around and is easy-to-use for players of all ages.