McClure Shuffleboard Table Reviews

    Numerous companies allow you to play your board games comfortable. However, McClure shuffleboard is one of the best. With quality craftsmanship and great materials, you are certain that these boards will last for a long time. Their standards encourage quality over quantity and employees have the chance to care about what they are making.

    This is also because the working environment allowed in this factory is favorable to the products being made and its workers. The company is located in America and as such, there will be less damage to the boards. Here are some of the best shuffleboards in the market.


    1. 12-foot Rock-Ola (Check Price on

    Like all the McClure’s Rock-Ola shuffleboard tables, this one is handcrafted with the premium North American maple, which improves the stability, strength, and beauty. The maple playing surface is 20 inches wide and about 3 inches thick.

    This playing surface is also sealed with a finish that has been specially formulated. The finish also has a lifetime warranty. From start to finish, each table is made by a well trained and experienced craftsman to ensure quality design. It also gets a teardrop design and the best wood grain, in addition to the signature green diamonds that are made from hand cut glass.

    The professionals go over each detail of the board to ensure that everything is working as it should and that all things are well cared for. You can choose to have a lamp kit that allows you to play at night or an electronic overhead deluxe unit that displays the results.


    • Handmade craftsmanship
    • Impeccable material quality
    • Great design
    • Made from the best locally grown material
    • Lifetime warranty on the finish
    • Stainless steel cover with a beautiful trademark logo


    • A bit costly


    2. Edmore (Check Price on

    These are available in a wide range of sizes from 9-22 feet. You also get to choose a Ram’s head, or Queen Ann’s amazing hand carved claw legs and balls. They have an elegantly trimmed arched cabinet that is handcrafted with the signature hard maple. You also get to choose from optional matching wood scoring units.

    The cabinet comes with three pairs of legs and two pieces, which complement the 14 to 18 feet models perfectly. Bigger models have more legs and will use one cabinet and about five sets of legs. You, therefore, get to enjoy years of games without worrying that the board will fall into pieces.

    Like with other boards, this one too has a magnificent finish that makes it a worthwhile addition to your home because it looks great. The old world craftsmanship makes it unique and gives you the best quality.


    • Lifetime warranty on the finish
    • Old world craftsmanship that makes it unique
    • Available in a variety of sizes
    • Made in America, which guarantees you quality make great materials


    • May be difficult to set up alone


    3. Prestige (Check Price on

    These are inspired by the original American shuffleboard design that was created in the 1940s. This timeless classic makes this table perfect for anyone who loves vintage items and enjoys the quality classics. This design has been available since the World War.

    In addition to this retro design, you also get to enjoy quality material make. The board is made of both maple and walnut wood that make the construction great and gives it woody and unique colors that make this shuffleboard table different from those in the market. You will like the fact that the tables are handmade and allow you to have a custom finish that makes each table unique, even though they are in the same category.

    The woods used are strong and of great color that ensures that the table lasts for decades without being damaged. It comes with one can of wax and 8 shuffleboard pucks. You may also get optional features such as table covers, score beads, and electronic scoreboards.


    • Great finish touch
    • Earthy color
    • Great material that guarantees longevity
    • Amazing optional features


    • The custom make is not same as the pictures illustrated in the directions


    4. Patriot (Check Price on

    These are handcrafted with a lot of pride using material from the USA and come with an an-inbuilt shelf where you can place your wax or the powder you use.

    The shuffleboard is made from maple wood and uses great traditional finish. You get to choose a Mocha, Chestnut, or mahogany finish for your cabinet. Depending on the décor of your game room, you can choose the custom finish that will be complementary to your color combinations.

    Additional charges for the finish will apply. They are also available in a couple of sizes, making it easy for you to choose based on the users who will be playing with you. The table is made of high-quality materials and allows old world craftsmanship. It also includes climatic adjusters that keep shuffleboard leveled. This is a great feature if your game room is not leveled.


    • Comes with one pound wax for use
    • Great quality material
    • Most affordable price

    Best Choice for the Cash


    As a customer, you are always looking for ways to get high-quality products at an affordable price. One way to ensure that you always get what you want is to compare prices. While Mcclure is known for producing high-quality shuffleboards, some products are cheaper than others.

    The Patriot Shuffleboard Table is a great choice because it is made from high-quality maple wood material and a great finish. The best part is that, unlike other shuffleboards by the company, you still get to enjoy several finish options that allow you to get the best décor for your game room. You also get to enjoy a detailed design where craftsmen take their time to ensure that everything is done as it should.

    Also, you get to order one and have it made to your specifications, meaning you get to choose the optional features you want. It is also a great table to get you ready for the tournament.