Best Playcraft Shuffleboard Table Reviews

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    It’s possible to recreate the excitement and fun you had playing shuffleboard on a beach vacation if you have your very own shuffleboard table at home. These are loaded with features that can recreate the whole experience as they have the look and feel of a shuffleboard court.

    Let’s go ahead and presume you’re looking to buy one since you landed on this page, but before rushing to buy your own table, there are some things you need to consider, such as size, quality, and your budget.

    So whether you’re a master of the this game or merely starting out on the game, here are some of the best ones you can find on the market right now.

    Top Picks

    1. Playcraft Woodbridge

    The Woodbridge is one of brand’s most affordable models, but that doesn’t mean it’s built to perform less. At 14 feet, it gives players enough room to move around and at the same is just the right size to fit anywhere in your house.


    As per its official description, this model is an entry level, perfect for newbies who want to get the hang of the game first before playing with the pros.


    It needs to be assembled, so there is an option to bring should you choose to practice somewhere else.


    It sports a classic look; its espresso finish makes it look like it’s drawn out of those old pubs in movies come to life. Each leg in this model has a semi-arch design and is covered with brass to complete the antique look.


    It has a spacious storage on one leg and has levelers to make adjustments more comfortable, even when the floors are uneven.

    2. Telluride Pro-Style

    This is easily one of Playcraft’s best shuffleboard table, testified by hundreds of reviewers online. The looks of it alone, along with its electronic scorer, will easily remind you of the numerous times you played air hockey.


    The Telluride Pro-Style is the company’s highest-rated model on Amazon and at the same time one of its most expensive for a good reason.


    As mentioned, it has its own electronic scorer, which at 24 inches won’t give players a hard time to track their scores. The scorer has a Lexan face protective cover, so stray shots aren’t a cause for worry.


    The table itself is 22 feet long, ideal for players who take shuffleboard seriously.


    The gutters are carpeted, as well as the sidewalls, to protect the pucks from damaging it. One of its six legs has a storage space to keep its eight pucks, and it comes with a leveler to easy adjustment.

    3. Georgetown

    hile most Playcraft shuffleboards tables sport dark colors, the Georgetown is easily a standout with its honey finish.


    It’s perfect for players who are into aesthetics; it is a sight to behold and at the same time will give you the best shuffleboard experience.


    It’s a model you can place anywhere you like because it’s soft hue won’t clash with its surroundings. It’s edges, however, are dark, bringing out an antique feel.


    It comes with it a set of red pucks and another set of blue pucks, which won’t give players a hard time eyeing them against the soft finish of the surface. It has dedicated blocks that indicate the points for each player, and an abacus to track scores easily.


    The Georgetown also has levelers on the legs to make sure players are comfortable even when playing for a long time.

    4. Coventry

    Joining the list of brand’s top-rated shuffleboards is the Coventry, which at 14 feet makes the game more challenging, but won’t take much space when placed in any room.


    The design of the model is a mix of traditional and contemporary, a great piece fit for any abode.


    It’s not painted in any way; the wood has been left to its natural state and topped with a natural finish to protect the sides, edges, and surfaces from any damage.


    What adds to the elegant appeal of the Coventry is the arched structure of its three legs, which matches the natural coated finish of the table’s sides.


    On each end is an abacus, so you can put away your pen and paper, and a set of blue and red pucks that make a striking contrast on the surface of the table.

    The Ultimate Shuffleboard For The Money


    While obviously subjective, we could all agree that what’s considered best is shuffleboard table that’s quality-made but won’t break the bank. Now Playcraft has made a name for itself as one of the best makers out there and all its products are worth your investment, but among the four listed below, the best choice for the money is the Woodbridge.

    Why the Woodbridge? For an entry-level model, it doesn’t exclude itself from beginners. Pros will also enjoy this versatile shuffleboard table, which I should mention, actually comes in four varieties: black, honey oak, espresso, and cherry.

    It’s very well built, but you won’t have to shell out too much just to get your own model. Like Playcraft’s other models, including the most expensive ones, its legs are adjustable, and its sides are carpeted as well as the gutters.

    So really, what’s not to love about Woodbridge? It’s reasonable to get one if you really want one and it’s made by Playcraft — what could go wrong?