Smartpong Table Tennis Robot Review

    Improving the way you play ping pong is as easy as investing in a robot you can play against. Ping pong, also known as table tennis, is a fun game that lets you play against another person and send a small ball flying back and forth over a net as you hit the ball with paddles.

    If you constantly find yourself losing to your friends and other opponents and wished you had more skills, a robot is a great tool to use. The SmartPong Table Tennis Robot can turn you from a poor or average player into a pro almost overnight.

    Product Specifications

    If you think of a table tennis robot as a small and adorable little robot like you might see in films, think again. This Robot is similar to the motorized devices that batting cages use. Installation and set up is easy. You simply place it on the opposite side of the table, make sure that the net is in place, plug it into a nearby electrical outlet and choose the setting that you want.

    Though the entire product weighs around 50 pounds, it sits easily on any ping pong table. You won’t worry that the weight will cause the table to bow or tilt. It also has a simple exit hole in the center that pushes balls out to help you practice at home.

    This set comes with a backpack that holds the robot and associated accessories, 100 extra ping pong balls, a tube and an instructional DVD. That DVD will help you find out how to set up the robot and how to use it. With the extra balls included, you won’t worry about filling the robot either.

    Simply set up the robot, attach the feed tube and fill with balls. This robot will then shoot balls at you based on the setting you chose.

    Pros/Cons of SmartPong Table Tennis Robot

    While this Robot is perfect for those who want to become better table tennis players, it’s also great for those who don’t get a lot of chances to play. Even if you spend the night at home alone, you can hook up the robot and get in a few minutes or hours of play. It lets you have fun and play the game without a human opponent.

    Its infrared remote control is another great feature of this robot. Instead of fumbling around with switches and buttons on the front, you can make changes to the machine with the remote control. Use that remote to turn the robot on before you start practicing.

    This robot has a power switch on the back but can also work with that remote. It comes with multiple settings that determine how quickly the balls come out and where those balls go. You can use it to practice before your next big match or to have some fun on your own.

    There are only a few issues that some players might have, including:

    • Lacks a feature for practicing against players who do not put a spin on their balls
    • The motor may burn out after the warranty expires

    The SmartPong Table Tennis Robot comes with some great features, including an instructional DVD, extra ping pong balls and a remote control.

    That DVD gives you tips on improving your swing, how to stand and where to put your feet, which can help you improve your game.

    While it’s a good option for some, others may prefer one of the other robots that comes with more features like the Y&T V-988 Table Tennis Robot or the Newgy Robo-pong 2050.

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