Sportcraft AMF Torino Foosball Table Review

    Once you begin looking at foosball tables, you’ll find that most designs look so similar that it’s hard to figure out which one will fit best in your home.

    Most of these products have the same straight legs, flat surface and cheap cabinets that protect the playing surface. Sportcraft gives you some great options that look a little different like the AMF Torino, which looks and feels more like a traditional piece of furniture.

    The reason for its excellent design is because Sportcraft selected real furniture-grade wood to use in its regular, which is the same grade of wood used in your bed and dining room.

    Not only does it use a deep cherry wood that has a rich reddish brown finish, but it tones down that deep and dark wood color with the addition of some chrome accents. After seeing all the positive aspects of the Torino, don’t be surprised if it becomes the top choice for your family.


    Worth the Investment?

    We think that the Torino is worth the investment because it looks completely different than any other product on the market. It has elegantly curved wood legs that look similar to those found on pool tables and a cherry wood finish with chrome accents.

    This model comes with a thick melamine playing surface that looks like an actual soccer field, and this cover is resistant to damage like scratches caused by the ball rolling across the top.

    If you prefer one that you can use for realistic tournaments, you might prefer the Tornado 3000, which mimics the design of those found in arcades. We also like the Renee Pierre Black Match Foosball because it uses ergonomic handles to reduce discomfort as you play.

    Product Specifications

    • Measures almost 38-inches tall and more than 57-inches long to give you, even more, play space
    • Weighs 185 pounds, which makes it one of the most massive and most stable options on the market
    • Made from a type of real cherry wood designed for use in traditional furniture that has a dark and rich finish
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      Chrome accents around the ball returns and other areas keep the dark wood from overwhelming your senses
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      Metal rods have handles with a veneer finish that matches back to the finish on the cabinet
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      Each player on the rods has a rounded toe design to help the player glide off the ball and keep it in motion
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      Steel rods measure 16mm in size and are carefully balanced to give you freedom of movement
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      Comes with four balls in shades of orange and white that contrast against the dark green color of the melamine surface
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      MDF used in its construction is 15mm thick to give the table more stability
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      Uses realistic graphics on the melamine tabletop that will not scratch or fade


    • Melamine surface keeps the ball from spinning out of control and resists scratches as well as other types of damage
    • Counterbalanced men on each rod are perfectly balanced to keep the men from rolling over or falling down
    • Includes white lines on the green melamine surface that mimic the goal boxes and markings found on real soccer fields
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      Comes with men in blue uniforms on one side of the table and men in red suits on the other side for fast identification of your players
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      Weighted rods are slightly more massive and filled with a material that puts more force behind your spins and other moves
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      Has a ball return on each end that allows each player to grab the ball once another player scores to restart the game quickly
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      Manual scorekeepers have a chrome finish that matches other accents on the table and helps you keep track of each goal and score made
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      Rods have small pieces that keep the players from rubbing against the sides of the cabinet
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      Features curved legs and a dark finish on the cabinet to give the table a more upscale and expensive look


    • Is too long for standard competition or tournament play
    • Rod handles are too hard for using during more extended or extended games

    Our final thought on the Sportcraft AMF Torino is that it is definitely worth the investment, if only because it has such a different look when compared to other models up for sale.

    The curved wood legs and deep cherry finish give it a traditional and elegant look. The Torino can keep up with your family, friends and anyone else who wants to play.