Sportcraft AMF Varsity Foosball Table Review

    With curved sides and geometric legs, the AMF Varsity is one of the unique foosball tables that we spotted. Designed by Sportcraft, it features a lighter colored wood veneer on the sides of the cabinet, short legs that match the black accents on the cabinet and metal rods with black handles.

    Those handles slide out and move so smoothly that you’ll never again have a problem taking a shot or sending the ball back across the field.

    Though it has the same four rods on each side that similar foosball tables have, this one evenly spaces out those rods to let more than two people play at the same time, and you can play in teams of two.

    The surface of the model uses a smooth material to keep the ball rolling and moving more smoothly. Our helpful guide provides you with everything you need to know about the AMF Varsity before deciding whether to bring one home for your family.


    Worth the Investment?

    We think that the AMF Varsity from Sportcraft is worth the investment because it’s an affordable model that comes with features like a smooth playing surface on top and solid legs.

    Goal boxes on each end feature three players mounted on one rod to help you block more shots, and each goal has a scorekeeper above it from keeping track of the current score. As this option is a little more on the expensive side, you may find yourself looking at some cheaper models.

    We recommend the Atomic Pro Force, which has a mid-century modern look and the Harvil Beachcomber. Both tables feature manual scorekeepers and leg levelers.

    Product Specifications

    • Weighs in at more than 260 pounds to give it a little more stability
    • Stands 30-inches high from the floor to the top of the cabinet
    • Measures nearly 36-inches wide to give players more room to move
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      Measures 56-inches long to give multiple players enough space to play together
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      Uses some inexpensive parts in combination with a wood veneer that looks just like real hardwood
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      Each rod features three or more players that move in sync
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      Locking mechanisms in a chrome finish sit at the end of each rod to keep the rods from falling out of the table
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      Chrome finished scorekeeper pieces move smoothly across the attached rod


    • Full-size design lets each person playing control multiple players on the field via gently rolling and gliding knobs
    • Smooth and even surface keeps the ball from lodging in corners and keeps it moving smoothly
    • Chrome finish on the ball return and other areas works with the lighter color of the wood veneer on the cabinet to create a classic look
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      Manual scorekeepers help each player keep track of his or her score to see who wins in the end
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      Has substantial and squat legs to keep it from wobbling when anyone sits on or leans against the sides and top
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      Features players on opposing sides dressed in either red or black uniforms to help you keep track of your guys
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      Has a large enough surface area for teams of two to play with room leftover for others to watch
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      Bronze rods move inside carefully designed holes that keep the rods from falling out
    • check
      Each rod has a handle designed to match the chrome accents on the table
    • check
      Features solid legs to keep the table from rocking or moving as you play


    • Wood veneer on cabinet and the wood used on the legs can look a little cheap
    • Chrome finish accents can flake or chip off

    Foosball tables are like shoes because one size doesn’t fit all, but we think that the Sportcraft AMF Varsity is one of the few products that really will fit in and work in most homes and with most players.

    The smooth surface keeps the ball rolling as smoothly as it would on grass, and a handy ball return makes it easy to start the next game as soon as someone scores the winning goal.

    Goal boxes on each end feature scorekeepers and a rod with three players to block shots. With a cabinet that looks like real wood and some chrome accents on the cabinet, it blends with all the other furniture in your home too. It may just become a focal point in your home.