Stiga Advantage – Worth the investment?


    Whether you call the game ping pong or table tennis, you’ll have tons of fun when you have a table of your own. As you hit the ball back and forth over the playing surface, you can burn calories and have a great time with your friends. A good choice for shoppers on a budget who want to play is the STIGA Advantage, which is an indoor model.

    More than 80% of the reviews that this table gets online come from shoppers who rated it five stars. More than 95% of its total reviews rate this a four-star or a five-star option. That lets you know that other customers loved using this model in their own homes.

    One important thing that many players look for as they shop for table tennis tables is its overall size. The Advantage is a competition table that meets all the requirements four tournament play. If you ever played in a professional center or a competition before, you’ll find that this model recreates the feel of those games in your home.

    We’ll give you a look at everything you need to know about this table before you spend a dime out of your own pocket. You can find out the bottom line and whether this is the table for you.

    Worth the Investment?

    Before recommending any product to shoppers, we always look at reviews posted by shoppers on multiple sites and the information supplied by the manufacturer. That info helps us decide whether a product is worth your money. When it comes to the STIGA Advantage, we think it’s worth your money.

    One of the features that we like the best is its QuickPlay design. Unlike other tables that require a number of steps to assemble, this one lets you set the table up in just 10 minutes or less. While some customers did have problems putting it together, most found that it was something they could easily do on their own.

    We also like that the included net features clamps that secure the edges of the fabric to both sides of the table. This keeps the net from coming loose and flying off the table in the middle of a game. The Advantage is much more affordable than other indoor tables too.

    Product Specifications

    • Measures 60-inches-wide by 108-inches-long by 30-inches-tall to meet the requirements for competition play
    • Measures 60-inches-wide by 28-inches-long by 64-inches-tall when folded down for storage
    • Measures 60-inches-wide by 66-inches-long by 64-inches-tall when used for solo play or as a playback tool
    • plug
      Post system uses tournament-grade posts and comes with a matching net
    • plug
      Has a 1.5-inch-thick apron that surrounds the edges
    • plug
      The included net measures 72-inches-long to stretch completely over the center of the table
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      Features multiple legs with several wheels on the bottom for moving the table
    • plug
      A safety latch system keeps the table from moving or shifting as you play and allows you to lock the wheels
    • plug
      MDF table top has a screen printed design that won't fade or crack
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      Uses a powder-coated process on the legs to make the design last longer
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      Weighs 189 pounds when shipped to your home
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      Comes almost entirely assembled to reduce your total set up time
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      Allows for easy transport of the table to a new playing area and for easy and convenient storage

    Pros of the STIGA Advantage

    • A spring-loaded safety system keeps one side of the table locked in place when using the Advantage in playback mode.
    • The included 72-inch net features a clamp system that allows you to tighten the net as it wears down.
    • This table breaks down into two equal sized top halves that let you store the table without using as much space as you might expect.
    • check
      A durable tabletop features a 5/8-inch-thick surface that puts more spin on the ball when you take a shot.
    • check
      Black casters located on the base of several of its legs have a locking mechanism to keep the casters from moving. You can lock and unlock each one with a simple touch of your foot.
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      A steel apron completely surrounds the top of the table and ensures that it remains flat, even if you place the table on an uneven surface.
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      You can use the Advantage as-is when playing against a competitor, but you can also fold the sides up to store the table in a convenient location.
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      A playback position lets you fold up one side and latch it into place to practice your swing as you play against yourself.
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      Instead of featuring a decal or sticker on the playing surface, the Advantage has a silk-screened design printed on top that won't peel off.
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      Each of the steel legs has a self-opening design that makes set up faster. When you lift the top, those legs will open on their own and sit flat against the floor.

    Cons of the STIGA Advantage

    • Some customers complained that their tables arrived with some minor defects and quality control problems.
    • A few reviewers had problems putting the table together and especially with attaching the legs to the top.

    Final Verdict

    The Advantage is a great table that costs less than other indoor models do. While it’s not quite as affordable as the smaller tables that you can break down and store in your closet, it still costs less than you might expect. You can set it up in a permanent location or fold the table down each time you need to tuck it away after a game.

    If you want to get in some practice before a big game, the Advantage is a good choice for you. You can fold down just one side and create a backboard that lets you bounce the ball as you experiment with different swings and speeds. This helps you practice against all types of players.

    While there are a number of indoor table tennis tables out there, this is the best one priced at under $500. STIGA gives you the advantage each and every time you play.