Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table Review

    When you love air hockey but don’t want to give up a lot of space for a table that can only do one thing, you should look for a combo table.

    Also called multigame tables, these tables come with tops that swivel or turn to give you access to other types of games.

    The Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table is a handy table for homes with kids and adults who love playing. It has a top that flips over for playing air hockey or ping pong and a separate surface that turns it into a pool table. No matter what games you love to play, you’ll love this table.


    Product Specifications

    • Measures 84-inches long, which includes the playing surface and the edges that act like bumpers when playing pool or air hockey
    • Stands 32-inches from the floor to accommodate adults, kids, and players of different heights
    • Weighs over 300 pounds to provide more stability to the top
    • Has a width of over 32 inches to give you a larger playing area
    • Durable ball joints let you swivel the top to use the other side of the table
    • Locking joints keep the playing field flat and prevent the table from swiveling or moving
    • Includes pucks, pushers, billiard balls, chalk and other accessories


    • Included Playing Accessories - Triumph provides you with everything you need inside the box to play all your favorite games on this table like pushers and pucks designed for air hockey. You also get a net, balls, and paddles for ping pong as well as chalk, cue sticks and a set of billiards balls.
    • Easy to Use Tops - The very top of this table features a flat green surface with built-in pockets for pool and a green felt material on top. You also get a second top that fits flat on the surface of the table. When you swivel this top, you can choose between playing air hockey or table tennis.
    • Leg Levelers - Use the attached leg levelers to make the table sit flat on the floor and to keep the surface smooth and level. These levelers can also slightly adjust the table’s height.Some shoppers dislike this multi-game table because it uses some cheaper materials that will not last as long as the materials used on other tables will. The table can also show signs of damage that occurred during the shipping process.

    The Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table (Check Price on has some minor flaws like damage that can occur during shipping and parts and material that show signs of wear and tear relatively fast. Those are problems that you expect when buying a table in this price range though.

    Our final verdict on this table is that it’s a good choice for those who have enough space for an air hockey table but want to play more than just air hockey. Thanks to the included billiards top with pockets and its swiveling surface, you can use this table for air hockey, pool/billiards, and ping pong.


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