Viper Maverick Foosball Table Review

    Most of the foosball tables that you see for sale today come with men shaped like players on steel rods. The manufacturers of those men add hair and uniforms in bright colors to help you keep track of your team and to view the men against the bright green color of the playfield.

    Viper offers you an alternative to those models with the Maverick, which features characters shaped like robots in shades of either black or silver.

    Solid steel rods are a little harder to move than hollow rods but provide you with the strength that you need to score, and those rods have octagon handles that fit better in your hands and respond faster than other types of handles do.

    It comes with counterbalanced characters that won’t flip around as you play and will remain firmly attached to those rods. You can get an idea of what we think about the Maverick before adding it to your list of potential buys.


    Worth the Investment?

    The Maverick from Viper does have some useful features like a playing field that is resistant to scratches, solid steel rods and a simple design that hides away all the bolts used in its construction to prevent injuries.

    It also features four built-in cup holders and two ball returns for quickly getting the ball back in play. We do not like the cheap look and design of the cabinet and its veneer or the leg pieces that make getting to the levelers extremely hard.

    The Hathaway Primo is a model that we recommend because it has levelers that you can quickly reach and adjust in a few minutes or less. You might like the Tornado Classic too, which features a black cabinet and a center ball return.

    Product Specifications

    • Measures nearly 58-inches long, which gives you more room to move as you play alone or on a team
    • Stands 35-inches tall but extends slightly higher when you use the leg levelers
    • Has a total width of more than 29 inches to give you room for your scorekeeper and cup holders
    • Made from a medium density fiberboard (MDF) material that can handle daily play
    • Includes a thermoplastic play surface that is 3/4-inch thick and resistant to scratches
    • Blocked framing made from MDF surrounds the playing surface in the center to keep the ball from sticking to the sides and corners
    • Features men shaped like robots that are firmly secured to the rods to prevent slipping
    • Plastic boxes on the legs keep the levelers hidden from view
    • Abacus scorekeepers on the table ends feature beads made from real mahogany
    • Eight rods that extend out from the playfield all use solid steel


    • Two built-in cup holders on each end of the table can hold standard size cups, bottles, and cans
    • Ball drop on the front drops the ball right in the center of the playing field to let each player have a chance of striking it first
    • Men used on the steel rods come in black for one side and silver for the other, which enables you to see where the ball is about your guys
    • check
      Counterbalanced men on the rods won’t wobble or spin around in circles as they will on other models
    • check
      Built-in goal boxes on the apron found on each end have an ample surface space to make it easier for you to defend your goal and score a goal
    • check
      Comes with wood beads on each end for conveniently keeping score during an intense game without taking both hands off the table
    • check
      Suitable for players as young as nine as well as adults
    • check
      Octagon handles on the rods mimic the shape of the human hand and allow the rods to react faster to your movements


    • Bulky legs make it hard for you to use the leg levelers for adjusting the height

    Both the Tornado Classic and the Hathaway Primo are tables that we recommend in place of the Viper Maverick because those models are sturdier and have leg levelers that you can reach whenever you need to adjust the legs. The Maverick features plastic pieces on the legs to give it a more streamlined look that makes it hard to reach the levelers.

    The top features of this model included counterbalanced players designed to look like robots, solid steel rods, octagon handles and a playfield that is scratch resistant. We think that you might prefer some other models to the Maverick though.