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14 Best Air Hockey Tables For Your Home

Recreate the fun and excitement of sending a puck flying across a table as you compete with friends in an arcade with an air hockey table that will fit in your home. These equipment now come in larger designs that look just like those found in an arcade as well as smaller models that fit in a studio apartment. Some even come with electronic scoreboards that help you keep track of the action.

Our choice for the best air hockey table is the Atomic Top Shelf 7.5′. A 120V motor ensures that your puck glides effortlessly over the top, and an electronic scoreboard records each and every goal.

Our Best Air Hockey Tables For 2022

Atomic Top Shelf 7.5′ Air Hockey Table

  • Action-packed air hockey table with 120V motor for maximum air flow
  • Slick, high-speed PVC playing surface for non-stop, arcade-style play
  • Illuminate play with multicolor LED Lumen-X technology and high-tempo music
  • Accessories include 2 LED pusher, 2 round pucks, 1 hexagonal spinner LED puck

2022’s Best Air Hockey Tables Comparison Chart

How to Choose the Perfect Air Hockey Table

The great thing about air hockey is it’s a fun and friendly game that everyone can play. We advise that, before you buy one of the best air hockey tables to know the basic air hockey rules to make sure you have some idea of how to choose the best one for your kids or for playing with friends.

Scoring Methods

Many new models come with an electronic scoreboard that automatically keeps track of the score for you and updates that score with each new goal. Cheaper models come with a manual scoring system. These look like small abacuses that you need to adjust each time a player scores.


Fan or Blower

Some cheap models expect you to use force to push the puck into your opponent’s goal. If you can afford to spend a little more, opt for one with a built-in fan or blower. A 110V blower provides enough power to keep that hockey puck moving, though you’ll find some models with a larger fan.

Over time dust might accumulate on the blower holes that is why air table owners needs to keep in mind the ways to clean an air hockey table.

Power Source

Air hockey tables that come with an electronic or digital scoreboard will either use AC power or batteries. Some models come with a small scoreboard that uses AA or AAA batteries, but these scoreboards often run through batteries fast. One that comes with an AC adapter will let you power that scoreboard without throwing away money on batteries.

Multigame and Combo Tables

Since there are different types of game tables why not get a combo table? A combo table, also called a multigame table, is a good option for some shoppers because it can form the foundation for your game room. These tables let you play three or more games thanks to tops that swivel or tilt. Some even come with separate tables that let you play ping pong or cards in addition to billiards and air hockey.

Table Size

Think about the people who will play on that air hockey table to find out what size you need. Smaller tables in the three-foot to four-foot range are perfect for kids and even teenagers. Adults will prefer tables that measure six-foot to seven-foot long or longer.

Leg Levelers

Unless you play air hockey in a room with completely flat floors, you’ll want a table with leg levelers. These simple levelers adjust to compensate for uneven carpet, tile or hardwood and will keep the table from wobbling.

Graphic and Design

You may want to pay attention to the graphics and design of the table. Tables with surfaces designed to look like ice hockey rinks have a more realistic design that make each game feel more realistic. Bright colors and bold graphics can make games feel more exciting too just make sure to keep the table clean so that it would always look awesome and new.


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The Best Air Hockey Tables Reviews of 2022

1: Atomic Top Shelf 7.5′ Air Hockey Table

Atomic Top Shelf 7.5' Air Hockey Table

This is an excellent arcade ready 7.5 foot air hockey table, with a nice look to it. The light up table, digital score display, and glowing mallets are great for darkly lit rooms. Whether you’re furnishing an arcade floor or just setting up something nice for your home gameroom, the Atomic Top Speed table is the perfect choice for exciting, fast paced games. Just make sure you’re able to justify the price to yourself in some way.


  • Slick design with high-speed PVC playing surface
  • Perfect for kids ( with LED lighting & sound effects)
  • Sturdy & reliable construction


  • Double check the scoring system as some reported broken


  • 90 x 49 x 31.2 inches
  • 220 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 230 pounds

Though there are hundreds of air hockey tables that you can now bring home, you can’t go wrong with the Atomic Top Shelf 7.5′. The Top Shelf more closely mimics the look of a real arcade model than any others we came across, and it even comes with a 120V motor to produce the air needed to play. This table is fun use and can help you improve in your game. Other models require that you use more force or pressure to keep the puck moving, but this motor supplies all the air you need for even the longest of games.

Thanks to its electronic scoreboard, you can now check out the score without taking your eyes off the table, and this scoreboard automatically updates each time a player makes a goal. You’ll also love the tapered legs that provide stability to the table but still let you move freely. This table has everything you’ll need to play like a pro.

2: Atomic Blazer 7’ Air Hockey Table


A less fancy, few frills table from Atomic, the Blazer is shorter, thinner, and all around less advanced than the Top Shelf. If you want to save a little money though, it’s not a bad pick. Keep in mind that it is just a LITTLE money, however. In the grand scheme this is still a full priced air hockey table, so you should set your expectations accordingly. Still, it might be worth the drop in quality for the price just for ease of portability and storage; it takes up less space and it’s almost feather light compared to other air hockey tables, so it’s easy to move around.


  • Sturdy structure & easy to assemble
  • With sound effects, for extra fun!
  • With nice scoreboard
  • Affordable price


  • Table gets marked up very easy


  • 86 x 50 x 11.6 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 155 pounds

Another model from Atomic that we like is the Blazer 7′ model, which is just a little shorter than our number one pick. It has a slick design that features shades of red and white with some red accents on the top, and that top looks just like a real hockey playing field. The thin rail running around the top edges lets you bank shots to score, and that rail does a great job of keeping pucks on it and off the floor.

Curved and tapered legs support the model and stay out of your way, and those legs have levelers for using the table on uneven surfaces. A 120V heavy-duty blower does a good job of keeping the puck in play, and an electronic scoreboard keeps track of time and scores. The Blazer can even accommodate a ping pong game surface you already own or purchase separately.

3: ​Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6’ Interactive Air Hockey Table


This ultra compact table is perfect for kids, and has the look to prove it. It goes for a flashier look, similar to the Atomic Top Shelf option, right down to the digital display. However, it lacks some of the extra frills that make that one the powerhouse it truly is. Still, it provides a great playing surface for smaller kids, and fits well in most normal homes, to the point that you may not even need a designated play room.


  • Great for kids & whole family
  • Great quality & sturdy
  • Perfect gift
  • Illuminated pucks makes it more fun!


  • No on/off switch


  • 72 x 40 x 31 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 11.3 pounds

Triumph created its Lumen-X Lazer 6′ for those who want a unit that looks a little different. With its black design, which incorporates shades of white, light gray and bright blue, this has a more dynamic look that turns the air hockey table into the highlight of your game room. It features a number of small lights around the edges that add a touch of excitement to any regular game, and those lights put the focus on the electronic scoreboard that lights up and changes with each goal scored.

Adding to the fun are the lights built into both the pucks and the strikers that cause each one to light up when hit for playing in the dark. The lights on the table itself work with the included AC adapter that you can plug into the nearest outlet. Triumph also added built-in levelers on the legs.

4: Fat Cat Pockey 7ft Black 3-in-1 Air Hockey Table

Fat Cat Pockey 7ft Black 3-in-1 Air Hockey, Billiards, and Table Tennis Table

Three in one tables are pretty well known for being hit or miss. Much of the time, each of the components is worth a lot less than standalone versions of each. This Fat Cat three in one table is one of the exceptions. While the ping pong table conversion is admittedly the weak link, it gets the job done. But the air hockey part and the pool table really shine. A 7.5 foot table is perfect for both games, and should be comfortable to play on for anyone used to playing with casual air hockey tables or bar pool games. While you do pay a premium for three in one functionality, if you look at it AS three tables in one, it’s actually quite a bargain.


  • Fairly simple to put together
  • Solid construction
  • Save space and compact the fun


  • 32 x 56 x 12 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 326 pounds

If you’re in the market for a combo model that comes with built-in storage, consider bringing home this Fat Cat Pocket 7ft Black 3-in-1, that will make any party or get together a smash. Built-in racks and compartments on the end help you keep track of pucks and paddles as well as your billiards rack and balls, and storage along the base stores your pool sticks. Switching between games is as easy as swiveling the top.

In addition to its swiveling top, the Fat Cat model also gives you a separate top that you can place on it for playing ping pong, and it comes with its own net that easily attaches. A built-in fan provides just enough air to keep the puck moving, though you may find that the puck doesn’t move as quickly or smoothly as you would like.

5: Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Air Hockey Table

Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table

Another nice three in one table. Most of the nice things that could be said about the Fat Cat option apply here as well. The air hockey portion and pool table side are quite good, and play well. The ping pong table is actually marginally better here, so you get a little extra bang for your buck as well. Unfortunately, not too much; this model is significantly more expensive than the Fat Cat option, so it’s a little harder to wholeheartedly recommend.


  • Easy to install
  • Perfect for small space
  • With complete accessories
  • A full size table, great for family
  • Constructed with finest materials


  • The table is a little bit smaller


  • 79 x 45 x 9 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 340 pounds

One of the top combo models we spotted was this Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame that uses a simple swiveling design that lets you effortlessly switch between games. Though you can use it as an air hockey table, you can also swivel it top over for playing a game of pool, and no matter which top you use, it locks into place to ensure it won’t move. It also comes with a separate surface that fits on top for playing ping pong, and Triumph gives you a net as well as paddles and balls.

Triumph designed its own central air distribution system that ensures an even amount of air moves across it as you play to prevent the puck catching in the corners, and it comes with levelers on each leg. Thanks to the retrieval system, you’ll see the puck pop out at each end after a player scores. With this table, improving your game on air hockey will be easy.

6: Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light Up 54” Air Hockey Table

Triumph Fire ‘n Ice


  • Ideal size for youth & teenage players
  • Reasonable price
  • Strong & easy to put together
  • Fast delivery


  • Fan seems under-powered


  • 54 x 27 x 31 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 45.8 pounds

Also from Triumph is this Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54” that comes with some light up features like the last model. This is one of the best models for competitive players who are playing in tournaments because it comes with a red pusher and a blue pusher that have LED lights inside that light up when you hit the puck, and the included puck also has LED lights inside. The fire and ice graphics on the surface and sides use the same red and blue colors as the pucks.

Built-in cross braces add some extra stability to keep the legs from wobbling, and thanks to the built-in leg levelers, you can slightly adjust any of those legs to ensure the surface is as flat as possible. You can manually keep track of scores with the abacus scorer, or you can use electricity to power the table’s electronic scoreboard.

7: Hathaway Enforcer Air Hockey Table

Hathaway Enforcer


  • Durable construction
  • Great for family activities
  • Though its big it’s easy to move & transport
  • Easy to assemble, no tools needed


  • 66 x 32 x 32 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 54 pounds

Feel like an enforcer out on the ice as you send the puck flying across the top of this Hathaway Enforcer. Everything about this table screams fun and excitement, from the bright colors and curved lines across the top to the bold shades of blue and black used in the design of the legs. Those legs provide extra stability it and feature curved panels between the legs that help you move more freely.

Made from MDF with graphics wrapped around the sides and edges, it also comes with a 110V high-output blower that keeps the puck from becoming trapped in a corner and keeps it moving across the slick surface. Each time you or an opponent makes a goal, you can use the easy return system to grab the puck and keep playing. The Enforcer also features a handy digital scorer for accurate score keeping.

8: Sport Squad HX66 Air Hockey Table

Sport Squad HX66


  • Perfect for all ages
  • Even airflow for smooth playing
  • Complete accessories


  • 68 x 34 x 5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 85 pounds

Though combo models generally aren’t as dependable or durable as standard air hockey tables are, you might like this combo unit, which comes with a dedicated fan that produces enough air for most players. Measuring just 85 pounds, it is as easy to get in your house and assemble as it is to move before your next party. It comes with a high-output fan with an AC adapter for plugging into an outlet before you start playing.

A goal box on each end has a puck return system that helps you more easily grab the puck after your opponent scores to keep the action going, and the manufacturer gives you three pucks. It also comes with a digital scorer on the side that keeps accurate scores during games. Sport Squad also gives you a net, ping pong paddles and balls that let you play tennis on the included ping pong surface.

9: Franklin Sports Quikset Air Hockey Table

Franklin Sports Quikset


  • Sets up in minutes, folds in seconds
  • Portable & easy to move around
  • With durable steel structured
  • Can fold for easy storage


  • 58 x 30.8 x 5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 40.6pounds

Though it may not look as lean or as mean as some of the other units we featured, this Franklin Sports Quickset is great for any game room and perfect for active kids. The 54-inch version of it is long enough for adults to get in on the action and comes with black legs and a black background that lets the bright orange graphics on the top really pop. It features a convenient folding design that lets you fold the legs under the table for easier storage.

Reinforced hinges made from steel ensure that once you snap those legs down, those legs will remain locked in place until you need to store it. A small digital scorer helps you keep track of the score and see who’s winning without taking your hands off the board. It also comes with a puck retrieval system on both ends.

10: Viper Vancouver 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Table

Viper Vancouver 7.5


  • Amazing, professionally designed table
  • Easy to assemble & store
  • Long lasting use
  • Great customer service


  • There’s no on/off switch


  • 89.5 x 48 x 32 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 340 pounds

One look at this Viper Vancouver 7.5-Foot will make anyone in your home want to rush over and play a few games. Similar to the models that you see in game centers and arcades, it comes with an electronic scoreboard that faces both sides of it to ensure that each player can see their own score as well as their opponent’s score. Between this scoreboard and the puck retrieval system, you can easily keep the game going without slowing down.

The built-in blower operates at a speed of up to 110 cubic feet per minute to ensure that the flow can keep up with your plays. It also comes with built-in levelers to ensure that the top is always level to prevent one player from having an unfair advantage. With easy assembly and pucks and pushers included, it lets you set up and player quickly.

11: NHL 48-Inch Adjust & Store Hover Hockey Table

NHL 48-Inch


  • A must-haves for parties
  • Simple lock for easy storage
  • Perfect starter table
  • Comes with complete accessories


  • 48.6 x 4.5 x 24.5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 29.3 pounds

NHL fans will get a kick out of playing on this 48-Inch Adjust & Store Hover that comes with National Hockey League graphics all across the top and sides. The edging that surround it even includes graphics of the Eastern and Western conferences as well as the Stanley Cup right in the center. Those graphics carry over onto the top and let you choose whether you want to play for the east or the west.

One great feature of this model is that the legs adjust to three different heights: eight inches, 26.5 inches and 31 inches to compensate for your height or how you want to play, and you can slide the table down easily with the brackets on each leg. It comes with a small fan that acts as a blower to move the puck and an electronic scoreboard that comes with realistic sound effects.

12: ESPN 60″ Air Hockey Table

ESPN 60″


  • Great for air hockey fan
  • Assembly is pretty straight forward
  • Reliable & strong construction


  • 460” x 30” x 32” inches
  • Shipping Weight: 55 pounds

Designed by ESPN, this 60” Air Powered lets you relive some of the excitement of those hockey games you see on television while playing at home. It has a powerful look that features the ESPN logo on both sides, around the edges and on the surface, which also comes with accents in red and black that make your puck look like it’s really flying. An overhead piece runs right across the center of the table and functions like an electronic scoreboard, but you can also use this without electricity because of the built-in manual scorer.

The leg levelers on the bottom help you change or adjust the height of one or more legs based on your floors, and its 110V blower, which works with any outlet, provides players with consistent airflow. This ESPN table comes with accessories for playing, including two black pushers and two red pucks.

13: Triumph Defense 5′ Air-Powered Hockey Table

Triumph Defense 5′


  • Compact size perfect for small spaces
  • Easy to set up
  • Great as a gift


  • 60 x 32 x 30 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 50 pounds

Those looking for a cheaper air hockey table that won’t take up a lot of space might love this Triumph Defense, which measures just five-feet long and takes up a fraction of the space as other models do. Though it uses a digital scoring system, it also comes with an abacus scorer that you can use during shorter or longer games. Bold and bright graphics wrap around the entire table, and each end has a simple puck retrieval system.

The Defense ranks lower on our list because this unit is far better for teenagers and kids than it for adults and serious players. The included fan does keep the puck moving, but the included pucks are fairly flimsy and may not move as quickly as you would like. As the table is only 30-inches high, it might make adjusts feel uncomfortable while playing too.

14: Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Game Table for Kids and Adults

Harvil 4 Foot


  • Compact size for small spaces
  • Money back guarantee
  • Stable & reliable design


  • 50.8 x 27.1 x 4.9 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 36.4 pounds

Air hockey enthusiasts on a budget will love with Harvil 4 Foot  with Electronic Scoring that helps them more accurately keep track of all goals made. That scoreboard features two different digital screens that show the number of points you and your opponent scored, though it doesn’t have a countdown feature like other scorers do. At four-foot long with curved panels between each leg, it takes up less space, making it a good choice for use in your living room or child’s bedroom.

Weighing less than 30 pounds, it is easy to move and store, and it comes with a 110V motor that produces enough air to move the puck all across the table. The electronic scores relies on two AAA batteries, but you can use the manual scorers when batteries are not available. Harvil added leg levelers to keep the unit from wobbling or moving too.

Best Choice: Top Air Hockey Table of 2022

Atomic Top Shelf 7.5′ Air Hockey Table

Atomic Top Shelf 7.5′

As we looked at air hockey tables, we checked out features like scoring options, whether it came with a motor that produced air like professional tables do and if the overall design follows air hockey rules and regulations. Our top choice was easily the Atomic Top Shelf 7.5′ Air Hockey Table. The 120V motor produces a consistent flow of air to keep the puck moving across the surface and to let you use less pressure with each hit.

We like the overall design of this model because it looks like it just walked out of an arcade. It comes with electronic lights along the edges, large tapered legs that won’t get in your way when you lean over the table to take a shot and a smooth surface that features colored lines to mimic the look of an actual hockey surface. With its electronic scoreboard, you no longer need to deal with manually keeping track of goals.

We hope you enjoyed our top pick. There are lists of awesome benefits of air hockey that we would like to share to you, which you can browse on our site. Please let us know  your feedback once you and your family gets a chance to enjoy the table.

If you are ever in the market for other games like the top foosball tables, we have a great comparison of ping pong tables on our site too.