DHS Hurricane II Paddle Review

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Though most table tennis tables and sets that you buy today come with two or more paddles, you may notice that those choices fall apart after just a few games. Those inexpensive paddles feature MDF, cardboard and other cheap materials that are best for those who rarely play and younger players.

When you want to play serious games against other competitors, you need a new paddle that will help you improve your returns, serve against other players and get just the right amount of spin on your ball. The DHS Hurricane II Paddle is suitable for use during home games and competitions and even comes with its own carrying case. As long as you maintain it regularly it will last a long time.

DHS Hurricane II

DHS Hurricane II

DHS Hurricane II Racket Specifications

The DHS Hurricane II features a combination of both rubber and wood. Its wood handle fits comfortably in your hand and lets you play multiple matches without missing a beat. DHS designed the paddle with a longer handle that works great for extended playing.

A rubber coating added to the surface of the paddle comes from China and is the same type of tried and tested rubber used on professional paddles. The dimpled paddle helps you enhance your serves and return swings to add more spin to your hits or help the ball bounce across the table and net.

One thing you may notice about the DHS Hurricane II is that it’s larger in size than the paddles you used in the past. That larger size helps you find the sweet spot on any table and allows you to keep hitting the ball harder and faster to win matches easily.

DHS included a carrying case with this paddle that has space inside for both the paddle, two balls and other accessories. The soft padding and cuts outs inside keep your tools safe between plays, and the case has a zipper that keeps those items from falling out. The case is one of the protective items that protect the paddle, and it is also suitable for home storage.

Pros/Cons of DHS Hurricane II

What We Like

When you invest in a new paddle, you need to consider both the pros and the cons. One of the biggest pros of this paddle is its construction, which features both Chinese rubber and wood. That combination may help you hit balls harder and win matches faster against other players.

You’ll also like that it has an oversize design, which will help you easily find the sweet spot on your home table or any other table. The sweet spot is the perfect spot for serving and returning hits to others. Its larger design is also great for keeping other players on their toes.

You may also like that it comes with a piece of plastic that fits over the rubber. This plastic piece protects and extends the life of the rubber and may let you play as many as 75 hard-core matches before you need to change the rubber. You should remove the plastic before a game and put it back on after you finish playing.

Things to Note

As with other paddles, the DHS Hurricane II does have some potential problems, including:

  • it is best for competitions and not suitable for beginners
  • it costs more than most players will want to spend

Final Verdict – Is it Worth It?

DHS Hurricane II

The DHS Hurricane II is a solid paddle that will work well for some players. It’s generally best for those who play serious matches and those who participate in competitions because it features a Chinese rubber coating on the paddle, a comfortable wood handle, oversize design and protective plastic piece over the rubber.

If you decide to equip your game room with the right sports tools, then getting a pair of DHS Hurricane II will just fit in fine.

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