Killerspin JET800 Paddle Review

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While most ping pong tables and sets sold today come with at least two paddles, those standard paddles will do little to improve or enhance your game. Often made from cheap and inexpensive materials, you might find that the felt wears off the sides after just a weeks of regular play and that the wood eventually breaks down from frequent use.

If you want to play like a pro then you’ll need to find the right paddle. You need a better paddle like the Killerspin JET800. With several layers of wood and an ergonomic design, it will take your game to the next level.

Killerspin JET800

Killerspin JET800

Ping Pong Racket Specifications

Take a look at some of the specific things you should know about this ping pong paddle.


Picking the right gear is important. The Killerspin JET800 features a wood blade made from an impressive seven different layers of wood. It also comes with two layers of a carbon material that give you more power when sending back volleys. You may find that you get more spin out of this paddle too.

Lightweight Design

While other table tennis paddles can weigh so much that your hand feels fatigued at the end of a match, this paddle has a more lightweight design. It’s one that you can hold for hours and use for multiple games without feeling tired and without experiencing any pain or cramping.

Approved by and for Professionals

The Killerspin JET800 is one of the only table tennis paddles approved and authorized for use by the International Table Tennis Federation. It meets all the standards and regulations in place for professional play.

More Control

With a unique design that fits comfortably in either your right or left hand, this table tennis paddle gives you more control than you ever had before. Tape added to the sides resembles the real wood inside and gives you a better grip on the paddle reducing mistakes with your serves.

Pros/Cons of Killerspin JET800 Racket

What We Like

As one of the highest-rated and best-reviewed available options, there are a lot of good things to say about the Killerspin JET800 paddle. It comes with a unique construction that includes seven layers of wood specifically chosen by the manufacturer for performance. You’ll notice that your balls have more power and that you get more weight behind your swing with this paddle.

The paddle also includes rubber on the exterior that can hold up better to frequent games than felt can. That rubber helps you get the exact right amount of spin on your ball and lets you add more pressure that will keep the ball in bounds and on the table. You’ll also find an ergonomic handle. Killerspin specifically designed this handle to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Even after hours of play, you may feel comfortable enough and confident enough to go a few more rounds. Players get even more power out of this model because of the dual-carbon layers added to the wood. No matter how you play, the Killerspin JET800 paddle can improve your games.

Things to Note

There are only a few possible downsides to choosing this model over some of the others, including:

  • it’s better for those who want more control rather than power
  • it’s a little on the expensive side for amateurs

Final Verdict – Is it Worth It?

Killerspin JET800

It’s hard to find many flaws with the Killerspin JET800 table tennis paddle. Between the dual-carbon and wood layers, it helps you control your swing and get more power out of each swing. As it has the approval from the ITTF, this is the perfect paddle for using during home matches and when competing on the professional level.

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