7 Best Ping Pong Robots That Will Improve Your Game Instantly

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For the serious ping pong player, the ability to practice any time you want is essential. Many players that are looking to improve their skills and consistency place their table in playback configuration, but this isn’t the best option for truly competitive players. A ping pong robot like the Y&T V-988 is a great way to work on your skills and improve your play without a partner or placing your table tennis table in playback. 

The Y&T V-988 offers a variety of ball speeds and spin types so that you can perfect your game even when there’s no one to play with. In this article, we’ll not only discuss our favorite ping pong robot, the Y&T V-988, but we’ll show you some other great products as well. If you’d rather make your own choices, we’ve also provided a buying guide to help you select the perfect ping pong robot for your training needs.

Our Best Choice


Our best choice ping pong robot is the Y&T V-988 table tennis robot. This great robot is heavy duty and sturdy for many years of playback. With steel construction this robot is really able to stand up to just about anything you can send its way. While this quality of robot is usually found in table tennis clubs, rec centers or schools, this one is also a great pick for using at home. The V-988 specs include:

  • Spin Options: 8 different spins
  • Serve Speed: 4 to 35 m/second
  • Serve Frequency: 30 to 90 balls/minute
  • Serve Angle: Adjustable between 0 and 40 degrees
  • Serve Style: fixed or alternative course

What We Are Looking For?

As you are shopping for a ping pong robot, you quickly see that there are plenty of similarities and differences between products. It can be challenging to work through which products have the features that you need the most or which are the best made for long lasting durability. When we are researching ping pong robots, there are a number of features that we consider. The buying guide below gives you the features we use, and think you should use when shopping for your own ping pong robot.


One of the most important features of a good ping pong robot is the number of balls that it can hold. If you are committed to making consistent improvements in your game, you’ll want to practice uninterrupted by refilling your ping pong robot. Look for a product that holds as many balls as possible.  

Spin Selections

 Being able to confidently play against a variety of spins is one of the most important skills you can improve. The ideal ping pong robot will function like a real human player. This means that the machine should be able to change spin. Ideally, you want your ping pong robot to repeatedly serve the same spin or send a variety of spins so you can practice your game in the most realistic manner possible. 


A great ping pong robot will have a variety of other settings that you can adjust, not just the spin. Here are the play settings that you should consider when shopping for a the best ping pong robot.

  • Frequency: This setting allows you to adjust how often a ball is served to you. For most players, it is important to select a frequency range that best fits your play style and training needs. How this is adjusted varies. Some machines have a specific number of settings, others give you more versatility in the frequency settings.
  • Speed: The speed setting allows you to adjust how fast the ball moves toward you after it is ejected from the robot. You want to make sure that there is a wide enough speed range to allow you to use the same machine as you improve as a player. Also, make sure that if you are a beginner, that the lowest speed setting is not too high.
  • Oscillation: If you want the most realistic type play from your ping pong robot, look for an option that has an oscillating head. This will allow you to hit balls shot from different directions and angles. This feature gives you a more realistic experience while you are practicing. 


Cost can range dramatically between ping pong robot models. When you are considering a ping pong robot, it is important to note that you don’t have to select the most expensive option to get a great product. Certainly, better quality products will be more expensive, but if you don’t need all of the features on a more expensive ping pong robot, you may want to look for a lesser priced option that is good quality with the features that are best for your skill level and goals.

The 7 Best Ping Pong Robots Reviews

1. Y&T V-988 Table Tennis Robot – BEST CHOICE


What We Liked

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Provides 8 different spin options
  • Wide, adjustable serve frequency

What We Didn’t Like

  • This robot is pretty heavy, but still manageable for one person
  • The V-988 is more expensive than some other options

Our pick for the best choice ping pong robot is the Y&T V-988 table tennis robot. This robust and durable ping pong robot is a great choice for the beginner all the way to more advanced players.

This robot is one of the more heavy-duty options on the market, and it is a free standing robot, which adds to its versatility. The robot and stand are made from steel, for exceptional durability. The stand for the V-988 is well balanced and sturdy so you don’t have to worry about it falling or tipping. It is easy to move even with just one person. 

We like the variety of options that this ping pong robot has. It provides a wide range of speed and frequency settings. It also gives players 8 different spin options that can be set individually or randomized for more realistic practice. The catch net is permanently attached to the ball hopper, so you don’t have to work too hard to return the balls when you’re done practicing.

2. Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro Table Tennis Robot – Best for Advanced Players

Paddle Palace

What We Liked

  • Two feeder wheels for more spin and placement range
  • 30 pre-programmed sequences and space for 9 personalized sequences
  • Has a random sequence mode
  • Comes with a nice catch net and 120 practice balls

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not terribly easy to set up
  • Kind of expensive

If you are becoming more competitive and really want to improve your game, our pick for you is the Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro table tennis robot. This is one of the most versatile ping pong robots on the market today.

This great robot comes with a wireless, LED touchscreen for easy control and programming. There are an endless number of variations when it comes to altering speed, spin, angle and landing location. The programmable machine allows for single shot repeat or mix up the program for more realistic play. 

The H2W Touch Pro is probably the most programmable robot on the market. The control panel comes with 30 different pre-programed sequences, and space to store up to 9 personalized programs.

With this great machine you’ll get a nice catch net with reloading chute and 120 balls to fill the hopper.

3. Butterfly Amicus Advance – Best for Professionals

What We Liked

  • A large variety of shots, exercises and practice programs.
  • Useful included extras (tablet, remote, and net).
  • The smartphone app is really a nice addition.
  • Programs are designed by professionals so they are ideal for professional game improvement.

What We Didn’t Like

  • This is not an easy robot to set up or take down.
  • There is no way to run the robot without the tablet or smartphone app.
  • This is a very expensive machine.

For the professional player, the Butterfly Amicus Prime is an outstanding ping pong robot. This highly advanced ping pong robot comes with so much technology that your game will certainly go to the next level.

The Butterfly Amicus Prime has three heads that deliver a wide range of spin, ball angle and speed. The machine is controlled and programmed using the included tablet, smartphone app and fob remote. We like the randomized program option that allows you to enjoy realistic play without a partner. 

The Amicus Prime comes with all of the equipment you need to get started right away, and practice wherever your game takes you. Included with the robot are a catch net with return chute, tablet with programs, and a storage and carry bag.

4. Newgy Robo-pong 2055 – Best for Intermediates


What We Liked

  • Great for intermediate players
  • Handy catch net and ball collector
  • 64 pre-programmed drills
  • Comes with balls and practice paddles

What We Didn’t Like

  • We weren’t impressed with the 1-year limited warranty
  • It’s hard to get the balls out of the hopper if you need

For the intermediate player, the Newgy Robo-pong 2055 is a great way to improve your play without having to spend a ton of money. This is also a great USA made ping pong robot that offers many of the features that you’ll find on more expensive machines.

The Robo-pong 2055 is completely upgraded from the previous Robo-pong version. This great ping pong robot has tons of versatility to help intermediate level players, both leisure and competitive, improve their skills and up their game. We love the 64 pre-programed drills that provide more variety than you’ll find in many other machines.

The Newgy Robo-pong comes with a useful collection net as well as a ping-pong ball collector. It also includes 48 practice balls to get you started as soon as you unpack and set-up the Robo-pong.

5. iPong Original Table Tennis Robot – Best Budget


What We Liked

  • Good performance for the price
  • Includes an easy to use remote control   
  • Very portable
  • Hopper holds up to 110 balls

What We Didn’t Like

  • Fewer options for spin, speed and frequency
  • Tends to jam up often
  • Doesn’t come with a collection net

You don’t need to spend a ton of money to get a good ping pong robot. Our favorite budget ping pong robot is the iPong Original table tennis robot. This great option comes in at less than $100, making it the perfect training tool for enthusiasts that aren’t ready to invest in a more advanced machine or are watching their budget.

The iPong is quick to set up and simple to use. The basic controls allow you to adjust speed and frequency. This machine only offers topspin and backspin variations, so it really is best for beginners. The hopper on this machine holds up to 110 balls, providing plenty of repetition.

We like the simplicity of this machine but you will need to invest in a catch net and balls separately. However, even with these additional purchases the iPong is still a great budget option for the beginner ping pong player.

7. iPong Trainer Table Tennis Robot – Best Portable

iPong Trainer

What We Liked   

  • Utilizes a wireless remote for easy operation
  • Does have side to side oscillation for more realistic play
  • Hopper holds a lot of balls
  • Comes with practice balls and collection net

What We Didn’t Like

  • Balls jam in the operator more often than we’d like
  • Remote is a little underwhelming

If you want to be able to take your ping pong robot with you wherever you go, then you’ll want to consider the iPong Trainer table tennis robot. This exceptionally portable ping pong robot allows you to pack up your gear and enjoy playing or improving your skills even when you are away from home. 

iPong makes great, affordable ping pong robots. The Trainer is easy to use, has a number of adjustable settings for speed, spin and frequency so you can improve your game, and enjoy realistic practice. The iPong Trainer is one of the lightest weight ping pong trainers on the market, which makes it perfect for travel.

Though compact and lightweight the iPong Trainer holds more than 100 balls and has a reasonable frequency range of 30 to 70 balls per minute. This makes the iPong Trainer both a great portable trainer and great trainer for beginners.

7. JOOLA iPong V300 Table Tennis Robot – Best for Beginners


What We Liked

  • Self-feed design allows for skill improvement in aim, footwork and ball control
  • Wireless remote allows for a wide range of speeds, frequency, and spin combinations
  • Very easy to assembly and start using
  • Compact and portable

What We Didn’t Like

  • The return function doesn’t work as well as we’d like
  • Doesn’t come with balls or catch net

We’ve looked at a lot of ping pong robots, but by far the best option for beginners is the iPong V300 table tennis robot. Like other iPong products, this robot is relatively simple to set up so you can start practicing as soon as possible.

The iPong V300 is a nice option that provides the beginner the ability to easily alter ball speed, spin, and frequency. The wireless remote control is simple to use and even has a memory button so you can set a program you like and return to it frequently.

The maximum serve frequency for this ping pong robot is 70 balls per minute. This lower frequency is perfect to allow beginners to work on their skills without feeling bombarded with balls. Beginners won’t feel overwhelmed by the price of this ping pong trainer. Though we like the iPong V300 best as a beginners training tool, we could comfortably also say it is one of our favorite budget options as well.

Final Verdict 


When it comes to selecting a ping pong robot, our choice is the Y&T V-988 is our pick for the best product. This versatile ping pong robot comes with all the things you need to get started, while also being a durable and well built product. 

For the dedicated ping pong player, the Y&T V-988 is a great product and will give you many years of enjoyment, and improvement in your game.

Tom Erickson