STIGA Synergy Table Tennis Table Review

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The only thing standing between you and a fun game of ping pong is the right table. Manufacturers today make these tables from a wide range of materials, including high-density MDF and durable forms of traditional hardwood.

Though it’s easy to find ping pong tables that cost more than you have in your budget, you can also find more affordable tables that are perfect for those just starting out and less experienced players. The STIGA Synergy Table Tennis Table is one of the top tables for those who want something affordable that can keep up with all their games.

STIGA Synergy Ping Pong Table

STIGA Synergy

STIGA Synergy Table Tennis Table Specifications

For the Synergy, STIGA added a QuickPlay Chassis. This lets you get the table out of the box and get it set up in your home in around 20 minutes or less, though it may take some a little longer to read through the included instructions.

Designed for use inside only, this table comes with a standard metal table that has a 5/8-inch durable top added to the metal. This top ensures that your balls have just the right amount of bounce and that you can make your return balls spin or twist to keep other players on their toes. Corner protectors made from steel sit along each corner too.

It comes with both a net and a post set that you can easily set up. The post set keeps the net from falling down when balls crash into it. Its net covers the complete width of the table and resembles those used during competition play.

You’ll also find locking mag wheels on the bottom of the steel legs. Those legs fold down for extra stability, and you can use the locks on the wheels for even more stability. When you need to move the table though, those wheels unlock for transportation.

Pros/Cons of STIGA Synergy Table Tennis Table

What We Like

Convenient is just one of the words that describes this STIGA Synergy table tennis table. The locking wheels on the bottom are perfect for using the table in an entertainment or game room or even to bring it in the office . If you need to move the table for a party or event at your home, unlock the wheels and give the table a little push.

STIGA designed follow ping pong table standards and is perfect for a single or doubles game. Its metal construction is strong enough for use in a community center or another space where a lot of people play. The table also features a thick and durable top too.

While other tables may break down due to balls hitting the corners and edges, this one does a better job of withstanding damage. Not only does it have a steel apron that wraps around the entire table, but it also has steel protectors along each corner. The steel legs can withstand lots of play and use too.

Things to Note

Though this table does have some benefits, some of the common flaws or cons you might encounter include:

  • its locking wheels may not offer as much support or stability as you need
  • you may need to hire or get help setting up the table

Final Verdict – Is it Worth It?

STIGA Synergy

Some of the best features of this Synergy table tennis table from STIGA include its durable top and dependable steel legs. STIGA also added mag wheels to the center legs that make it easy for you to move the table or keep the table sturdy and stable by either locking or unlocking those wheels.

While it has some nice features, this table isn’t suitable for frequent players because it may not last as long or look as great after a few years of play as other tables will, but it would fit if you want to have it for family recreation.

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