What is Ping Pong Robot Machine?

A ping pong robot seems like a really cool invention. In many people’s minds the ping pong robot is actually a robot that can play ping pong. And if you search the internet long enough, you will find some obscure videos of robots playing ping pong. This however is not the kind of ping pong robot we are talking about.

In this case, we’re talking about a machine that allows you to play or practice table tennis skills without needing a partner. These machines are like the ones in batting cages or on tennis courts that send a ball in the direction of the hitter. In batting cages you get baseballs or softballs. At the tennis court, well… you get the picture. Our ping pong robot does the same thing, but using ping pong balls.

table tennis balls in the robot trainer

A Bit of History

Machines for serving tennis balls and baseballs are fairly old inventions. The ping pong machine on the other hand is a relatively modern invention. The first ping pong robot was invented in 1988 by Joe Newgarden. This original ping pong robot was pretty rudimentary, just able to send a ball from one end of the table to the other. 

Today, the ping pong robot can do a lot more. Advanced ping pong robots can alter spin, placement, ball speed and service speed. Taking the modern advancement one step further, today you can even buy a ping pong robot that is controlled from an app on your smartphone.

Parts of the Ping Pong Robot

Aside from the magical parts that make your ping pong robot bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled, this is a fairly simple machine. Most ping pong robots have only 3 basic parts.

The control box does require electricity for operation, so you’ll want to set up your table and ping pong robot near an electrical outlet.

Table tennis automatic-gun robot

How a Ping Pong Robot Works

All ping pong robots work similarly. You fill the robot with ping pong balls. The robot is attached or set on one end of your ping pong table. Once on and programmed, the robot delivers a ball in the direction of the player, who attempts to hit the ball.

Depending on the complexity of the ping pong robot you select, you may be able to program the machine to work on different skills. Some ping pong robots come with other features like nets to catch balls, a return feeder, or an adjustable firing angle.

Why Buy a Ping Pong Robot

Ping Pong robots are a great addition to your rec room if you are wanting to improve your game from ping pong to table tennis. Perhaps you’re done goofing around and want to start playing table tennis competitively. A ping pong robot will allow you to improve your skills without another human being. Ping pong robots are very popular with competitive players for improving specific skills that they may be challenged with. The ping pong robot can be programmed to deliver balls in a particular way,  so that the problem skill can be improved. 

If you are ready to take your ping pong game to a competitive level, a ping pong robot can help. These handy training tools allow you to improve your skills and practice at home without another person to play with you.

Tom Erickson